Blanket Fort Chats: Game Making With Vaida Plankyte

Image courtesy of Vaida Plankyte
Image courtesy of Vaida Plankyte

Blanket Fort Chats” is a weekly column featuring women and nonbinary game makers talking about the craft of making games. In this week’s post, we feature Vaida Plankyte, a Scotland-based game designer who enjoys making small personal games, experimenting with narration, and live-tweeting movies, apparently.

Miss N: Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into making games?

Vaida: I am currently studying Computer Science with Management in Edinburgh. I had tried making games on several occasions growing up, but coding seemed like such a difficult hurdle to overcome. I would abandon projects as soon as I hit a roadblock.

In 2014, I decided to use Twitter more so I could follow game developers, and around that time, the FlappyJam was announced. Its host encouraged me to make a small something, reminding me that Construct 2 was very easy to use and didn’t require any programming. I enjoyed the experience so much that the month after, I started One Game A Month.

Miss N: What’s your earliest memory of playing games?

Vaida: The very first game I played was a Lithuanian educational game with my mom on our home computer. I didn’t own a console then, so I would play anything I could find online. I recall playing a lot of Cartoon Network games when I was little — it’s partly how I learned English, trying to figure out what a quest meant by trial and error. When I moved to France, I remember spending a lot of time on Newgrounds; I found their Art Games collection particularly interesting.

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