‘TowerFall Ascension’ Nails Diverse Character Design

TowerFall Ascension

I finally bought TowerFall Ascension for my PC even though I only have one actual game controller, and thus, wouldn’t be able to play against my roommates. Let’s be real—the multiplayer is the actual reason to play this game. But even in just single-player mode, I’ve been having a blast. The game’s fast-paced, fun, and very cleverly designed. It could easily stand on gameplay alone. But oh, what’s this? It has a diverse cast as well!

Let me be specific about what I mean by diverse in this case. With the “Dark World” expansion DLC installed, there are thirteen unique playable characters in TowerFall: nine main archers and four alternates that can be swapped in for specific archers.

In this cast of thirteen, there are six women, six men, and one canonically androgynous archer who uses they/them/their pronouns. Four of the archers are white, and a further four wear white face paint or have pure white skin, but there’s also three characters of color (and two undead characters of ambiguous race). There’s a disabled character. There are elderly characters. There are men wearing pink and women wearing bulky armor. There isn’t a single skimpy or sexualized outfit to be seen.

It’s absolutely fantastic.

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