So You Want to Let’s Play: 6 Tips for an Aspiring YouTube Personality

Tomb Raider

We run quite a lot of helpful, industry-specific posts here at FemHype! From Emm’s take on breaking into games journalism to Alyssa’s interview in regards to becoming a games writer to our Sunday Loot series with the latest job offers, there are a lot of ways you can learn more about joining the industry here. Still, it isn’t easy, and I’m hopeful that this post may give you the confidence to start or continue that Let’s Play channel you’ve been thinking about.

Ever since my sister detailed her YouTube editing escapades in “Game, Set, Match: How to Start a YouTube Community,” I’ve considered writing my own piece about being a Let’s Player. For almost a year, Paige and I have been running and maintaining the FemHype YouTube channel, and I feel like it’s about time we shared more of what we’ve learned over the past few months!

It can be difficult to build your own brand, particularly in the games space, but that’s what I’ll be helping you with today. If you ever entertained the idea of entertaining others, I’m here to tell you how you can do it! Once you’ve got your recording equipment ready (read Paige’s post!), take a look at this list.

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#SupportSmallStreams! Boosting More Friendly, Inclusive Let’s Players

Life Is Strange

Not too long ago, we ran our first #SupportSmallStreams post in response to an ask we received on Tumblr. When we reached out to all of you in the community, it became startlingly clear just how necessary a list of inclusive Let’s Players was for everyone. And why not boost them here? There are literally thousands of Twitch streams and YouTube channels out there with potentially friendly spaces, including ours that recently launched. Just because we cultivate smaller communities right now doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for new gamers to join our teams. 💕

If you’re looking for Let’s Players on Twitch, YouTube, or both platforms who maintain spaces that are welcoming to those marginalized in the gaming industry, this is the spot to keep an eye on. We’ll continue to make an effort to curate this list for you, but we need your help in order to do it! Share the shit out of this post. That way, more Let’s Players will find out about it so we can boost them, too. See? It’s like a never-ending fist bump, only you’re getting a list of super cool spaces to follow.

A few of you asked whether we would run another one of these posts in the future. Don’t worry! The answer is unequivocally yes. We believe wholeheartedly in the hard work and dedication of small gaming communities, and we want to support you! Take your time getting that channel together or fiddling around with your new stream. We’ll be here to boost you once you’re ready to be included. Be sure to subscribe to our own YouTube and follow our Tumblr for updates on the next round!

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FemHype YouTube Launch: Contest + Giveaway!

Alice Madness Returns
The first Easter Egg!

Hello, FemHype community! We are in the process of launching our YouTube channel and we thought it would be a great time to host a little contest and giveaway.

Starting today (Monday, August 3rd), we will be hiding Easter Eggs on all of our social media accounts for you to find that will include hints about when the channel will be launched and what games we’ll be playing. The first to tweet at us using the hashtag #FemHypeYT with the correct answers to the below questions will win free FemHype merch! 💕

To make it somewhat easier, below is where you will be able to find the hidden Easter Eggs. We will be tweeting every day to direct you toward the right platform to check. The first hint is already hidden in this article!

Please tweet the following to the #FemHypeYT hashtag:

  1. The date of our YouTube launch (month/day)
  2. One Throwback game we will play
  3. One Creative game we will play
  4. One Mystery/Crime game we will play

Questions go to @GLaDOS_hype or, as usual. Happy playing! ✌🎮

#SupportSmallStreams! It’s Time to Boost Let’s Players With Inclusive Communities


A few days ago, we received an interesting anonymous ask through our Tumblr account that ultimately gave us pause.


It’s no secret that the Let’s Play community at large has a toxic culture problem, both on Twitch and YouTube. Many popular channels are rife with casual racism, homophobia, misogyny, and harmful language of similar ilk simply by nature of being related in some way to the games industry—and that just isn’t cool. It was obvious to us that the eager response to our Tumblr message meant the industry is sorely lacking in inclusive, friendly environments where every gamer can feel safe. Well, shit! Obviously, that means we have some work to do. In an effort to boost the small streaming communities working hard to offer a safe space for all gamers, we asked our creative friends in the FemHype community to share their own channels, whether big or small. That’s what this post will serve as: your list of safe gaming spaces to support on Twitch and YouTube.

This is a fairly large post, so I’d suggest some liberal use of command+F in order to find a particular game that might interest you. I’ve broken the list down into three sections: gamers who offer spaces on Twitch, YouTube, and both. Pick your preferred platform and make some new friends! All of these gamers are working hard for visibility and to make their communities inclusive. Let’s give them a hand, okay?

Please note that if you provided a link to your stream/channel, but haven’t uploaded anything yet, we unfortunately couldn’t add you to the list without anything to go on. However! When you decide to add some clips, drop us a new message and we’ll add you to our next list. 💕 This will hopefully be an ongoing series, so be sure to check back for more new friends joining our efforts!

[Edit] Don’t forget! If you’re a POC streamer on Twitch or UStream, consider filling out the #DiversifyStreaming2K15 form so that the incredible teams at both #INeedDiverseGames and Spawn on Me Podcast can promote you. 🌟

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Trigger Warning: Sensitivity Is Necessary 100% of the Time, No Exceptions

Life Is Strange

It goes without saying that a post about trigger warnings is going to need a trigger warning, so please consider this your trigger warning for the following: mentions of sexual violence, swearing, verbal abuse, neuroatypical shaming, and misogynist slurs.

I was watching a YouTube video the other day, one that was just a Let’s Play of an RPG horror game. And while I really enjoyed the game, there was a rape scene. Right at the end, out of nowhere, and with little hint of it before we reached the conclusion, there it was. It was jarring to say the least, but not as jarring as the extra content at the end where in order to completely beat the game, you had to forgive the rapist who raped and murdered your friend.

Maybe this is in-line with your character’s state of mind since she never seemed all that bothered by the death of her classmates, but it made my stomach churn. Then I looked at the comments where people were asking for trigger warnings and saw all the people who mocked the very idea of a trigger warning.


[Trigger Warning: Pussies in the comments.]


[Nut up buttercup, you’ll be alright. You were fine with murder, but rape is too much?]


[In my opinion, if you can’t handle a movie/tv show/video game implying that something like that happened without going into emotional distress, you’ve obviously got some MAJOR psychological issues that you need to seek help for. There’s being sat face to face with your abuser or reliving painful events from your past (just causes for an emotional reaction) and then there’s being oversensitive and overreacting to little details that you pick on in order to victimize yourself.]

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