A Foray Into Point-and-Click Adventure Games: The Good & The (Very) Bad


I used to hate point-and-click adventure games.

Maybe it was that I just didn’t have the patience to play them and that I was a console kid, but point-and-click adventure games simply seemed like relics of the past to me. While I had friends who would talk to me about the wonders of the Monkey Island series or how great Grim Fandango was, I always equated them with those text-based adventures like Hugo III: Jungle of Doom! and its ilk. That meant, to my mind, that they would most likely be immensely frustrating and I would just stick with my platformers, thank you very much.

My first real foray into point-and-click adventures started out poorly. Have you heard of Deponia? I really, really hope you haven’t. It was the art style that drew me toward Deponia in the first place, and when I saw that people had favorably compared the game to Monkey Island, I thought I would check it out.

Right from the beginning, Deponia was despicable. You’re abusive to your ex-girlfriend and the princess who you need to save is named “Goal.” There are transphobic jokes where a character who is obviously meant to be a man dressed in women’s clothing flits between a grotesque falsetto and a low baritone. Every single line had the character’s voice crack as if the game was nudging me in the ribs to say, “Hey, let’s laugh at this person who’s different!” You also get to drug your ex-girlfriend and ogle her while she’s in the shower.

I could go on and on about how terrible the Deponia series is as a whole, but I think John Walker from Rock, Paper, Shotgun pretty much nailed it.

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