Interested in joining the FemHype community, but not sure what to contribute? We’ve got you covered! Anything within the realm of your experience playing games is good to go. Whatever inspires you most about gaming is what we’re aiming for!

If writing isn’t your thing, what about curating the perfect late-night gaming playlist? Creating art of you starring in your favorite game? Interviewing your fellow co-op friends about their experiences? Check out the FAQ regarding word count, keep your language (fairly) classy, and you’re in. Send us your idea(s) using the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP. The possibilities are endless. We can’t build FemHype without you, can we?

Note: For every submission inquiry, we’ll contact you by email with further instructions. Although we can’t compensate our contributors at this time, we’d love to feature your social media account(s) and, of course, give you full credit.

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