Sunday Loot: Top Tweets From This Week

With each week, the little community that started out with only a few is steadily growing. This time around, we dug into the latest installment of DreamFall Chapters, enthused about our in-game pet companions, championed the right to play Minecraft, and hashed out race and gender issues in the Tomb Raider reboot. But the real treat came when our writers shared screenshots of their customized characters, who are all, unsurprisingly, badass. Also! Don’t forget to vote for our April playlist.

I know I speak for everyone on the team when I say how exciting it is to see nothing but positive encouragement from all of you. We’re a little gaming family here, and I’m so glad you decided to join us. Remember: submissions are always open. Consider sharing your work with us!

Without further ado, here is the weekly roundup of women (and our supporters!) killing it on Twitter. ✊

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You’re Never Too Old To Be Creative (Why I Love ‘Minecraft’)


Recently, Deadspin ran a piece that made my eyebrows become one with my hairline: a rant from a dad who absolutely hates Minecraft. I found my blood pressure rising a bit as I read through his reasons for loathing the game:

  1. His kid likes to watch other people play it online, and many of those people are “too old” to be playing games.
  2. His kid likes to actually play the game and occasionally asks his dad for help installing mods, which is apparently a total pain. Dragging zip files to a folder is pretty tough, I know.
  3. He thinks Minecraft is stupid and a waste of time.

I love Minecraft for all of the reasons above. All of them. I love that I can watch fun videos of entertaining people playing various mini-games of Minecraft on YouTube while I plow through rows upon rows of of cobblestone. There are few things more zen to me (other than yoga and actual meditation) than peacefully carving up a mountain in search of minerals that I will invariably hoard until I move to a new server. Creating a home in Minecraft indulges my inner architect; while playing in Survival mode, I spend time sketching out housing plans and searching for the ideal ocean or lakefront property for my allies, and planning a few traps for my foes.

I love that there are so many mods and texture packs for such a simple-looking game. It’s a fantastic sandbox and people have managed to create absolutely beautiful worlds and mini-games within Minecraft (including full kingdoms, beautiful renditions of Minas Tirith, Hogwarts, and just about anything else nerds could love) using just the resources that are online.

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Voting Booth: You Decide Our April Playlist!

Life Is Strange

It’s that time again! Every month, the team here at FemHype features a new video game original soundtrack for our community. You can listen to it for free right in the sidebar! Past soundtracks include: The Last Of Us, Transistor, Child of Light, and the pick for this month, Gone Home. We took your suggestions on social media, tossed up the poll below, and voilà! You’ll be the one to choose what we’re all jamming to in April. (Keep updated with fun discussions like these by following our Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.)

Two clicks and you’re done. Get voting!

I Hate Tombs: When a Reboot Depowers By Race & Gender

Shooting Dudebro #501.
Shooting Dudebro #501.

Real talk: I’ve been a Lara Croft fan for a long time. As in, since the days I’d goaded my neighbor’s son into competitive timed challenges where we’d race through levels in Tomb Raider 2 until the controller indentations on our fingers left week-long marks. He was able to maneuver in water better than I could (I hate sharks), but I prided myself on my ability to scale cliff faces and leap off platforms only to roll and shoot with perfect precision. What a time to be alive, eh? I lived and breathed that game as a kid. Looking back on my experiences, Lara was clearly my introduction to the minefield of “strong female characters,” and I reveled in the power she wielded.

When Crystal Dynamics’ new take on the series released in 2013, I didn’t have the finances to justify buying it, so I reluctantly shelved my dreams of revisiting ancient ruins and ritual chambers, moving on with my life in the real world. It was only very recently that my free time and an online sale gave way to my purchasing the new Tomb Raider. The excitement was real, folks. I couldn’t wait to dig my trigger-happy fingers onto the controls.

How did that go, you ask? Haha. Ha. Let’s just say I alternated between despair, disbelief, and seething anger. Despite the game’s story founded upon the origins of a matriarch in command of unimaginable power, Tomb Raider is entirely driven by men. Full stop. Men direct every new objective, and whether by Roth’s crackling commentary over the radio or Mathias’ merry band of cultists, Lara is the rook being dragged across a very bloody chessboard. One chapter of the game is ironically titled: ‘woman versus wild,’ which would have been delightful if true in practice. Spoilers: It wasn’t.

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Party Camp: Share Your Customizable Character!

It’s no secret that the majority of us here at FemHype are rather enthusiastic RPG fans, myself included. But for all we’ve written on open world games, we haven’t shared the customizable characters who shaped our experiences and defined our interest. So I posed the suggestion to our team: share a screenshot of your playable character and the story you helped create for them! That goes for our community, too. Who was the protagonist that brought your love of RPGs to life?

Beware: Image-heavy post with kickass ladies and light in-game spoilers herein.

Charlotte, Skyrim

Charlotte ()

Sanju Malarky III: is she descended from the legendary Oblivion Crisis hero of the same name? Who knows. You can never trust anything a thief says anyway. Sanju spent her first few weeks in Skyrim flirting with everyone she came across, but soon found she got a lot more entertainment from stealing pewter tankards and pawning them off by the dozen to baffled shopkeepers. She eventually joined the Thieves’ Guild out of boredom and swiftly did away with the reigning guild master, partly because he annoyed her and partly because she wanted her own Nightingale uniform.

Having seen firsthand just how ineffective law enforcement is in Skyrim these days, especially with the brewing civil war, Sanju now travels the land with her bad-cop partner Lydia and their rookie sidekick J’zargo, collecting bounties and taking names. Rumor has it she was last sighted in the mountains near Winterhold, trying unsuccessfully to balance three people and a horse on top of an airborne dragon. Trust me: you were never an adventurer like her. Even before she put that arrow in your knee.

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