What is FemHype?

It’s a blog space where we share our thoughts on video games (and pop culture at large) in a creative, positive, and inclusive environment. We’re here to enthusiastically support each other!

How often do you post?

FemHype publishes articles as often as we’re able. The more our community grows, however, the more we’ll be able to publish.

Who can’t submit?

Men. This is a space specifically designed to feature the work of women and nonbinary gamers. Guys are more than welcome to join our community, though!

Okay, I want to contribute. What’s the process?

Great! We’re excited to have you join the party.  All you have to do is submit your preferred name/handle and a little bit about yourself using the Submissions page. Feel free to talk about your current gaming exploits or anything pop culture related — whatever strikes you. This isn’t an interview: we already want you. Think of it more as a random coffee date. Let’s talk games over frappes!

What content can/can’t I submit?

We’re open to almost anything related to pop culture. While we mostly focus on video games here, if you’re inspired by something, we fully encourage you to pursue it. FemHype is your space! That said, we won’t publish excessive negativity. If we encounter a submission of this nature, we’ll communicate that to you. (It hasn’t happened yet and we don’t expect it to.)

Is there a word count limit for submissions?

Not really. We generally prefer a minimum of 700 words unless the article flows naturally with a little less than that. Anything over 2,000 words and we’ll probably talk to you about breaking it up into a series. We’re flexible!

I’m not a writer. Can I still contribute something?

Please do! Any original art, music, photography, videos, etc. are always welcome. If you’re still unsure, drop us an message. We’d be happy to brainstorm with you.

I’m a journalist and I want to reprint one of your articles on my own website.

We’re absolutely thrilled that you found an article you really like and identify with! That said, please be courteous and contact us first before reprinting our work in another space. There are a few specifications that must be met before we can grant you permission. Everyone here is volunteering their valuable time in order to build this community. Help us do that by boosting our voices!

So none of you are making any money here?

At the moment, all of us are volunteering our time and hard work in order to see FemHype realized. The WordPress advertisements generate less than the monthly charge necessary to keep the domain name up and running, so if you share our work, you’re helping to keep the site live. Thank you!

You’re using my screenshot and I’d prefer that you didn’t.

Not a problem! We’d be happy to remove the image in question if it bothers you or provide appropriate credit if necessary. Please drop us a message detailing which article includes your image and we’ll sort that out for you.

Do you have any Let’s Player recommendations?

Why, yes! Yes, we do. We’re currently working on a series of posts that will feature the Let’s Players in our community who are working hard to establish positive, friendly, and inclusive environments for everyone. If you’re interested in submitting your own links to be featured, drop us a reply on our Tumblr post!

Why wasn’t my comment approved?

Everyone is welcome to comment! However, please take care to remain polite. We’re working very hard to maintain an inclusive space where our writers can talk freely without the pressure of inflammatory or threatening language. It’s completely acceptable to disagree with the sentiments of an article, but it is never okay to belittle or discredit how someone else feels. This is a positive environment. Let’s all be adults and play nicely, savvy?

But my comment wasn’t negative!

If you led with “This is probably going to offend you” kindly redirect yourself.

You didn’t answer my question.

Email us! We’ll be adding to the FAQ as more questions come in, so your contributions help.

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