You Helped Me Realize I Was Bisexual (And Games Did, Too)

I never really had a ‘crew’ like the one at FemHype before. The first real online community I joined was on YouTube. I had been actively following content and watching videos since 2008 — and probably even earlier — but I never really found my niche. So I bounced from community to community in search of one. I liked certain platforms, but I never really connected with anyone.

Then FemHype became a huge part of my life. First my sister started it and then, a year later, she invited me to join the team as Social Media Manager. I had always loved video games, but never really got involved online. Despite my lack of knowledge, you all welcomed me with open arms. I don’t know if I ever said thank you, so here goes: thank you.

When we were recording videos and creating content, I was struggling with really bad anxiety. I had panic attacks every week, and sometimes even twice a week. Still, the comments were upbeat, the feedback was genuine, and the response was far more positive than I had hoped for. I didn’t realize that I even needed a community like FemHype until I had one.

Everyone here opened dialogues for me that I had never felt comfortable discussing before. You taught me the patience and grace necessary to learn from varying perspectives and to know when to listen. Not only that, but when I finally opened up about my anxiety, you encouraged me to reconnect with myself and validated what I was feeling.

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FemHype Goes to #NYCC: The Panels We’re Excited About

New York Comic Con

What’s up, FemHype crew? Paige here, bringing you all the coolest panels scheduled for New York Comic Con 2016. Jillian will be attending this year, so we gathered a few amazing talks that will be taking place there. From discussions about diversity to guides for up and coming talent, this weekend is jam-packed!

Even if you can’t attend New York Comic Con this year, check out the panels listed below and follow the hashtag #NYCC to get the inside scoop! Going to be there this weekend? Tweet @FemHype to meet up with Jillian! And for all you Tomb Raider fans out there, our friends over on Tumblr have amassed a huge list of fun activities and talks for you to check out.

What panels are you interested in? Let us know in the comments below!

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Lost in Translation: When You Don’t Know the Lore, Substitute Your Own

Dragon Age
Elsa (Frozen) in Dragon Age: Inquisition

I am the first to say it when I don’t understand something. I know some people wait, hoping that they gain understanding before admitting defeat. When it comes to video games, I will constantly shout out, “What is happening right now?!” If it is a video game with a long history, a drawn-out background, or three other games behind it that basically require you to study the lore like you’re taking a final exam, I say no. That’s probably why I love Crash Bandicoot and some of the oldies, because I can easily pick it up without needing to do research, although a little backstory may enhance your gameplay.

This is a common occurrence for Dragon Age, which is something my sister introduced me to, so I blame her for my current fixation. If you are like me and don’t know anything about Bioware games or Dragon Age lore, then you know what a large project this actually is. This journey has taken a little over a year for me to fully grasp—however, I think I cracked the code on how to jump into a beloved series.

My journey really took off when I created Elsa Lavellan, an ice mage. Yes, that Elsa. As I had my trusty sister beside me to explain in basic terms what larger plot points were or the importance of certain decision-making dialogue, I chose to make these choices not as myself, but as another character that I knew well.

Elsa is a diplomatic character, understanding the importance of networking with nobles and putting the safety of her people above all else. This made things easy conversationally—always making sure that Elsa responded in the kindest way possible. Obviously, in larger plot points, this was harder to maintain, but I saw each major chapter through the eyes and temperament of a familiar character, thus it was easier to understand the lore.

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Game, Set, Match: How to Start a YouTube Community


So you want to start your YouTube channel! Starting your own channel can be overwhelming and expensive. Fortunately, I put together some affordable options and basic concepts to keep in mind on your journey. I can’t say that I’m an expert on this, but I definitely have a few pointers to share.


HDMI  In order to capture gameplay on a console (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.), you’ll need an HDMI game capture device. There are hundreds on Amazon for you to choose from, but we use:

QuickTime Player ► If you are recording your computer screen or an app game, you can use QuickTime! Just open up the program, go to File, New Screen Recording, then hit the down arrow next to the record button to customize your microphone input/output. Normally, QuickTime is on your computer already, but it’s a simple and free download otherwise.

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#FemHypeIC: FemHype Goes to IndieCade15!


IndieCade Festival 2015
Gaming For Everyone Pavilion

We are super thrilled to announce that we will be featured at the IndieCade Festival: Gaming for Everyone Pavilion from October 23rd to October 25th! We are so excited to meet with some of the FemHype crew while we’re there. ✌ Here’s where we’ll be:

IndieCade Village [Map]
9300 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Definitely stop by our booth if you can! We will be handing out EXCLUSIVE buttons for free, so don’t miss us. Not only that, but we will be asking visitors to help us create an upcoming article! Stay tuned.

We know that not everyone can make it to the event, so for those of you at home, we are dedicated to keeping you updated through social media. Follow along with us on the following platforms! (We’ll be most active on those that are starred.)

Watch out for our hashtag #FemHypeIC and use it to tweet at us so we can meet up! Also, keep your eye out for a master post of all things #IndieCade15 come next week along with a video on our YouTube Channel.

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