Poll: Should We Expand FemHype to Cover Pop Culture?

Did you know that we’re rapidly approaching the three-year mark since opening FemHype? It feels totally surreal to me that only a short time ago, I hadn’t met any of you amazing folks who continue to make this space such a joy to run. Let me start by thanking you — all of you — for sticking around and teaching me new things every single day. I’m a better person having known you, and I’m so glad that you’re here with us now. ❤

When Paige and I started discussing new ideas for FemHype’s future, I knew I wanted to make sure we opened up the floor to our community for feedback. It’s important to both of us that you have a say in any big changes we make, which is where this quick poll comes in!

For almost three years, FemHype has offered women and nonbinary gamers a positive space to chat, critique, and share their personal experiences related to games. We’re still very much committed to that vision, but we thought now might be a good time to expand just a little bit. Would you like to see articles related to movies, television, and all of pop culture, too? What about other subjects? The sky’s the limit!

Please take a few minutes to participate in our poll below. You’re also encouraged to drop into the comments section with any questions, concerns, or ideas you might have. Paige and I are here to ensure that FemHype remains your space — just as it’s always been. We need your help to make that happen!


4 thoughts on “Poll: Should We Expand FemHype to Cover Pop Culture?

Add yours

  1. I voted for just games because I think having a niche makes the content stronger? Like, “women and nb people having a space in video games” is a good combination of a new and needed space for voices and a topic you can cover thoroughly and in a lot of ways – which you do well! I worry that expanding out to as broad as all pop culture could dilute the content/identity here? Just my two cents obviously, but I thought an explanation would be fair!


    1. That’s completely fair! And I appreciate your feedback. ❤

      I should reiterate that we'd still work very hard to maintain the positive/uplifting aspect of the site, which is a huge reason why I opened FemHype in the first place. Paige also had the idea that we might try easing into pop culture topics vs. opening the floodgates all at once? The driving force would remain about games, but we might occasionally dip into related topics (such as the comics industry, which is closely aligned with games).

      All that said, we'll have to see. I'm taking every comment, message, and vote on this very seriously!


  2. I voted to include pop culture as well, but still with a focus on videogames. Aside from the longevity of the site, I think the lines between the different entertainment mediums are gradually blurring as well. Many videogames are heavily influenced by films, and more films on videogames are being made. So why not cover them all? 🙂 To me, FemHype has distinguished itself from other feminist pop culture sites, so I personally don’t see this new content diluting what your identity!


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