Sunday Loot: Joining the Inclusivity Movement

geek girl con

Happy Sunday, friends! We’re so excited to bring you even more amazing opportunities in the games industry this week. Make sure you’ve got the calendar app open and you finished brewing that coffee, because you’re going to be busy this month!

Today’s lineup consists of several ways in which you can join the teams that have been pioneering a new era of geekdom. Your work is so important in ensuring games become and remain inclusive to all players, which means we want to hook you up with like-minded industry folks! Whether you’re looking to show off your cosplay, want to sharpen your gamedev skills, or simply have some spare time to volunteer at a con, this list is for you. Keep being the awesome person we know you are!

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out.

geek girl con

GeekGirlCon Volunteers

GeekGirlCon is 100% powered by volunteers. We have many opportunities to get involved and help out, whether with a larger commitment of a staff role throughout the year, individual event volunteers, or GeekGirlCon Agents and Special Agents.”

We’re huge, huge fans of the pioneering GeekGirlCon, and if you — like us! — have been wondering how to get involved, this is your chance. They’re looking to hire on new volunteer talent for their next convention! We sincerely hope to see you there if you decide to join up. There’s also a mailing list in case you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to make it yet or not.


HavenCon Drag Contest

“Calling all drag performers! HavenCon 3 is holding the first-ever Grand Illusionist drag pageant, and you’re invited. Break out your best cosplay drag and join us!”

Cosplayers of all experience levels are strongly encouraged to apply! Break out your costume and join this super inclusive contest. Even if you’re not the performing type, HavenCon is looking for any and all donations to help ensure their amazing convention continues. Please consider helping out if you can!


INDG GDC Scholarship

I Need Diverse Games is dedicated to increasing diversity both in-game and in-studio, and we will be awarding these scholarships to members of marginalized groups (person of color, LGBTQIA, woman, or reside at an intersection of those identities) who would not have the opportunity to attend GDC without financial assistance.”

It’s that time again! As the networking event of the year, GDC can be extremely difficult for many to afford — and that’s where I Need Diverse Games comes in. They’re ensuring that you will be there to meet with the rest of the games industry! If possible, please consider donating to their GoFundMe as well, which will help pay for the travel expenses of their team.


Pixelles Game Jam Workshop

“Have you always wanted to participate in a game jam, but were too intimidated? Have you already taken part in one, but found the experience exhausting? There is no wrong or right way to jam, but there are some best practices. No laptops required; pen and paper is a-okay!”

Will you be in the Montreal area this Tuesday? You should totally stop by this super cool workshop! The lovely Pixelles team is offering a free crash course for both seasoned and would-be game developers looking to hone their game jam skills. Let us know if you’ll be there!

queer quest

Queer Quest Kickstarter

Queer Quest is a queer-as-fuck point-and-clit adventure game inspired by classic gems like Monkey Island, King’s Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry, but set in a queer community in the Pacific Northwest.”

If you were disappointed by the lack of diversity in another well-known game set in the Pacific Northwest, you’re in luck! This looks like the answer to much-needed representation in the industry, and we couldn’t be more excited to play it. Special thanks to the folks over at +10 to Fire Resist for the recommendation!


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