Sunday Loot: #GameJobs, Panels, & Celebrating Your Work!

Girls Make Games
Art by @bitmoo & @castpixel

Happy Sunday, friends! We’re back again after a little hiatus to offer up more new and super exciting opportunities. So if you’re just settling in for a bite of lunch or winding down after a long weekend, let us catch you up on everything we saw in the gaming industry this past week!

From paid job offers to convention panels, so many people are looking to feature your amazing work and talents. It can be intimidating to jump into games, but even if you’ve never applied to something like this before, that’s totally fine. We believe in you and all the incredible things you’re doing!

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out. ✌

Girls Make Games

Girls Make Games T-Shirt

“Support the game developers of tomorrow! Proceeds go towards the 2016 Girls Make Games Scholarship Fund.”

We’re kicking things off with a brand new t-shirt that Girls Make Games recently rolled out! The design was created by @bitmoo and @castpixel, two of our favorite artists, and all the proceeds go toward supporting young girls entering into the games industry. How awesome is that? Sizing is available in adult unisex (XS-6XL), women’s cut (S-3XL), and youth (XS-XL).

Flush Fatale

Flush Fatale Artist Job

Flush Fatale; a fully illustrated deck of playing cards, is looking for female-identifying artists to illustrate playing cards based on women from history. Each card (54 cards total) will be illustrated by a different artist.”

This is a paid opportunity! Yes, you read that correctly. The team will be running a Kickstarter shortly, which will fund a minimum of $150 plus a copy of the card deck for each contributor. And should the team receive more funding, artists will receive more money for their work. Super cool, right? You also won’t be asked to create any new art until after the Kickstarter. We’re excited for you to apply!


Herald Voice Acting Job

“Because the representation of the ethnic backgrounds of our characters is very important to the story of the game, the distinct accent of each actor will be a key factor in the selection process. This is why we greatly prefer actors who share a background with the character that they audition for.”

We covered the incredible efforts of the Herald team back in May of 2015, and now it’s your turn to get involved. They’re currently looking to hire voice acting talent—particularly from people of color! The game is an interactive period drama with utterly gorgeous art and a truly beautiful story, and we can’t wait to play it. We wish you luck if you decide to apply!

Valor Con

ValorCon Panel Submissions

“Panels may be serious or playful. Panels do not have to relate directly to gaming, Our track rooms are equipped with laptop hookups for audio and video (Mac or PC), as well as large format monitors, speakers, and microphones.”

If you’re in the Chicago area, there’s another super cool opportunity to showcase your work! ValorCon is looking to accept a diverse array of panelists, though you aren’t limited to just talking about games. You will receive a complimentary pass to the convention itself and, of course, a platform to share your amazing work. If you do end up attending, let us know! We’re always excited to hear about how you’re doing.


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