Sunday Loot: Advocating for Good Works & New Voices

Image courtesy of Skillcrush

Happy Sunday, friends! How are you doing? Everything okay over on your end? We hope you’re feeling rested and ready to start the day, and we have just the thing that might help: more opportunities to get involved in games! With options for developers, writers, streamers, and more, you’ll be well on your way to creating some truly amazing work.

This particular post will be a bit of a departure from our usual fare, if only because we’re focusing on encouraging new voices quite a lot. We’re all well-acquainted with how difficult it can be to enter into the gaming industry for the first time, but with these readily available resources, we hope to make that transition just a bit easier. Come join the fun!

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out. ✌


Black, Asian, & Minority Ethnic Talent in Games

“We would like to provide some focus on the talent that the games industry is failing to attract. Games and the wider entertainment industry should attract the very best from all backgrounds. We want to nurture more talent from minority groups. We can also do more to promote the benefits of a diverse workforce.”

A UK initiative recently on the scene, BAME is an advocacy group dedicated to encouraging more diverse talent in the gaming industry (and beyond). We highly recommend that you follow their work! The team already boasts a 30% employment rate, which will only jump with more support. You can join their LinkedIn group or reach out through the website if you’re interested in getting involved! Just check out the links below.

Alexandra Erin

De-Gendering Stories: A Challenge

“We live in a gendered society, one which tends to gender us whether we accept it or not. The gender of a character can be an important part of a story. It can mean something. But the presumption that it must be known in order to relate to the character …”

In an effort to open up the discussion regarding the gender binary and to push back against long-held conventions within the gaming industry, Alexandra Erin, author of Tales of MU, has issued a challenge. You are to write a story including two characters that does not reference their gender. This opportunity offers the potential for you to win a monetary prize, too! For further details regarding this challenge, please see this page. We sincerely look forward to reading what you put together for this.

My First Game Jam

My First Game Jam

“Never made a game before but always been curious? My First Game Jam is an online game jam for people of all skill levels to learn something new. Set aside two weeks to join the jam and learn how to make a game along with others.”

There’s another game jam on the market that you should be keeping your eye on! Especially if you’ve never participated in a jam before. This is the second iteration of My First Game Jam following a very successful launch last January, and the team is extremely committed to keeping the jam fun and accessible to all! Poke around the links below for a wealth of free resources and even a place to chat with other newbie game developers. We look forward to seeing what you create!


Skillcrush Coding Bootcamp

“In this bootcamp, you will learn everything you need to know to go seriously digital in just five minutes a day!”

This opportunity is totally free of charge! We’ll repeat that, because it can be hard to believe: this is free. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to code (or even brush up on your skills!), Skillcrush is offering an intensive 10-day bootcamp program for anyone interested. All the links are below, and we can’t tell you how excited we are to hear about how it went. Let us know if you decide to sign up!

St. Jude


“Play your favorite video games and earn exclusive prizes while helping kids battling cancer. Join St. Jude PLAY LIVE and help raise funds to support the lifesaving mission of St. Jude.”

St. Jude is currently running a charity event for all you super talented streamers out there! By signing up, you’ll create a donation page that will allow your audience to donate to an incredible cause while also supporting your chance to win prizes. As of this writing, a total of $909,080 donations have been raised! That’s pretty incredible.

What’s more, one of our own writers, MostlyBiscuit, is currently participating on Twitch. You can tune in when she goes live and if you’re able to donate, she has a page set up for that as well.


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