Sunday Loot: How to Invite Everyone to Games

Girls Make Games

Happy Sunday, friends! We’re super happy that you were able to join us again this week, especially since we put together another list of amazing opportunities. This is the spot where you’ll find all the new and exciting things that are happening in the gaming industry, whether it’s a job opening with a rad development team or a game jam where you’ll make new friends! The sky’s the limit here.

This round, we’ll be offering up a whole host of opportunities for you to get directly involved in a super awesome community. From scholarships to submissions, we’re confident that there will be something fun here for everyone. And if you decide to apply to any of these, let us know! We always love to hear about the amazing projects all our friends are working on next.

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out. ✌

Girls Make Games

Girls Make Games Scholarship

“Your qualifications for finding a place to belong is enthusiasm and passion. No one should feel lonely or embarrassed about liking something.”

In partnership with Felicia Day and AJ Brooks, Girls Make Games just announced a new scholarship opportunity for young girls looking to code! To apply, send your idea for a game that you’d like to create at one of the GMG camps to the email address listed at the link below. That’s it! And even if you don’t fit the required criteria for this particular scholarship, it’s super important to tell your friends and family about it, too. You could be responsible for inspiring another young girl out there to code! There’s nothing more awesome than that, is there?



“We are dedicated to helping those that want to bring more diversity to the art of gaming. We will do this by sponsoring attendance at diverse gaming conventions, promoting those that are making diverse games, indie projects, and presenting on the topics of diversity in gaming at conventions.”

Recently, Tanya DePass wrote a heartfelt piece on Medium shining a light on the future of #INeedDiverseGames and how we, as a community, can continue to help support their efforts. The team is rapidly approaching their second year anniversary, and we’d sincerely love to see their incredible work continue in games. Follow the link above to read more about how you can help the #INDG team—and not just financially, either. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved!


International Love Ultimatum, #iluJam

The International Love Ultimatum is your opportunity to spend a month building a romantically-themed video game. Dating sims and visual novel adventure games are usually the most common entry type, but others like RPGs and text-only Twine games are completely valid!”

We’re so delighted to see another welcoming game jam pop up so soon after our #SweetsJam successfully launched! You’ll have the entire month of June to put together your entry for the second #iluJam, and we’re really excited to see what you come up with. Also, if you’re interested in following along with the progress of other participants, check out the Tumblr page. It looks like the second round will be as successful and super fun as the first.

Ontological Geek

The Ontological Geek Submissions

“We are look­ing for writ­ing on games (any kind you can think of), lit­er­a­ture, poetry, comics, film, music, or inter­sec­tions of those. In short, any­thing con­nected to (the study of) pop­u­lar cul­ture.”

The super awesome folks over at The Ontological Geek are looking for submissions! This is a paid writing opportunity for anyone interested in breaking into games journalism, particularly if you enjoy contributing to publications that are breaking the traditional mold. We’ve been fans of this space for quite a while, and highly recommend that you submit your pitches! They’re a lovely team with all kinds of interesting things to say about games, and we look forward to seeing your contributions featured among their work.

Queerly Represent Me

Queerly Represent Me

“Primarily, Queerly Represent Me has been created as a reference point where the work of myself and others in the area of queer representation could be collated and shared.”

One of our newest writers, Alayna, has been quite busy recently! Not only did she run a poll regarding diverse relationships in games (thank you to all who participated!), but she also launched a new online space, Queerly Represent Me. It will function as a database for all games that represent sexuality, gender, and relationships in interesting and innovative ways. You’re encouraged to reach out to Alayna either on her Twitter account listed below or at her email address if you have any suggestions. We’re super excited to see this database come together!


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