Sunday Loot: More Tumblr Spaces Breaking Down Barriers

Tales From 2

Happy Sunday, friends! We hope you’re enjoying the weekend and (hopefully) nice weather. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s currently a bit of a movement happening in a few corners of the gaming Tumblrsphere, and we’re super excited to share some of those projects with you today.

We ran a similar Sunday Loot post like this one all the way back in December, which featured quite a few Tumblr accounts we strongly felt were doing some pretty amazing work. (They still are, for the record!) This time, we’ve gathered a list of even more spaces we’ve seen crop up lately, and especially, the teams we think you should totally keep an eye on.

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out. ✌

Art by ignorealltherobots
Art by ignorealltherobots

Asians of Fallout

“Because it’s a little disconcerting when the only notable representation you get in the Fallout world is from the Great War that created the nuclear wasteland in the first place …”

Not too long ago, we noticed a post regarding representation in the Fallout universe pop up on Tumblr. We couldn’t be more delighted that this space exists! It’s so important not only to boost fanworks featuring characters of color, but especially to support the creators of color in our fandom as well. Asians of Fallout is a wonderful start to a much-needed trend! And even if you’re not exactly a Fallout (or even Bethesda) fan, there are more spaces like this one.

Inquisitor Lavellan by ridethefrostback
Inquisitor Lavellan by ridethefrostback

Asians of Thedas

“Hordes of raging Qunari, massive fire breathing dragons, raging demon gods, but you’re going to tell me there are no Asians in Thedas?”

In the same vein, Asians of Thedas works very hard to keep this important mission going. This particular team’s Tumblr has been around longer than the Fallout-centric one with constant updates since opening, and we’ve kept a very close eye on the space ever since. With help from all of us, we can continue to boost these amazing projects and continue to keep the discussion going regarding diversity in not only our games, but our communities as well. Give them some love!

Tales From the Borderlands

Game Corner

“Once a month, I’ll collect these [games] into a strawpoll and we can vote on what we play. Then we play! Throughout the month we can have smaller discussions, and then in the last week of the month we can begin fuller talks with spoilers etc. And there’ll be a strawpoll for the next month’s game too.”

Run by the ever-talented and fellow FemHype writer Jay of Feminist Gaming Matters, the Game Corner is set up a lot like a book club might be—except with games. Super fun, right? Every month, the community will choose an affordable game as curated by Jay, though you’re under no obligation to participate if you don’t want to or can’t! There’s currently a poll running for the game that will be chosen for June, so cast your vote quickly before it ends. We can’t wait to see what discussions crop up next month!

Gamers Like Us

Gamers Like Us

“Our community is a space for amab transfeminine gamers to connect with each other. We are on Steam, Tumblr, and Discord to bring transfeminine people together in games as well as online chat welcome to non-gamers.”

This is, perhaps, one of the most exciting spaces we’ve seen open up recently. Gamers Like Us is currently working very hard to create a safe environment where transfeminine gamers can hang out and discuss all things video games, and we’d love to see their work boosted! The team is also currently looking for more help in running the blog, so if you fit the criteria and you’d like to be a mod, definitely consider reaching out.

Push to Smart

Push to Smart

“A YouTube show dedicated to the critical reading of video games. We also have a blog. And a Tumblr. Bring on the gifs!”

Though not exclusively a Tumblr account, Push to Smart has quite possibly been our go-to source for clever, fun, and thought-provoking content over the past few months. We’re always excited to see a post from the team regarding a new indie game or a review of the latest widely popular favorite. If you’re a fan of games criticism with a dash of good humor, you’ve literally come to the perfect place. We hope you enjoy following along as much as we do!


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