Sunday Loot: Connecting #GameDevs & Geeks Across the World


Happy Sunday, friends! We’re back again after another productive week in the games industry, and we have quite a few super awesome opportunities to share with you because of it. If you haven’t already, finish fixing that cup of tea and get settled, because you’ll definitely want to check out what we’ve hauled in this week.

For anyone new who happened to join us today! Welcome to our weekly series featuring the people and projects pushing for change in the gaming sphere. From cool new spaces to paid positions at your favorite studios, this is the spot you’ll want to keep an eye on every Sunday. We’re here to keep you informed!

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out. ✌

The Valkyries

Beware the Valkyries

“Membership is open to women (of all ages, backgrounds, and orientations, including LGBTQ+ folks) who are currently employed by a comic shop anywhere in the world. Join the conversation with hundreds of other Valkyries!”

While not totally related to video games, The Valkyries are working extremely hard to connect more geeky women across the world! If you or someone you know works in a comic book store, this group should absolutely be on your radar. Joining is super easy—just click the link below and be sure to follow the team on social media. That way, more professional women can stay connected and, of course, geek out over comics (and probably games). We’re so excited for all the amazing work that they’re doing!

Daybreak Games

Gamers in Real Life (G.I.R.L.) Scholarship

“Now in its ninth year, the scholarship has played a major role with helping aspiring game developers gain knowledge and skills in the video game design field, while providing them with valuable assistance for educational expenses. Past winners have gone on to make their own impact across the gaming and art industries.”

Daybreak Games is yet another major studio offering an absolutely incredible scholarship opportunity, and we’re thrilled to share that with you now! One winner will be awarded a $10,000 cash prize and an internship working with the team, located in San Diego, and the opportunity to work on games such as H1Z1 and EverQuest. You have until June 3, 2016 to apply! Follow the instructions at the links below, and best of luck to all applicants.


IGDA Games & Digital Media Career Fair Spring 2016

IGDA NYC is teaming up with Playcrafting NYC to present our second biannual NYC Games & Digital Media Career Fair for Spring 2016. We’re bringing together employers and job-seekers at this one-day event showcasing the exciting opportunities and diverse talent pool in the local game development and digital media industries.”

If you’re in the NYC area and you’re looking for a new networking opportunity, IGDA is hosting another careers fair! Thanks to the efforts of local companies, recruiters from Apex SystemsZyngaLiquidTalent, and more will be at the event waiting to meet you on June 3, 2016. Not to mention the fact that this careers fair will be free of charge. Yes, you read that correctly: it’s totally free. We hope that you’ll be able to attend this wonderful opportunity!

PlayerNo2 2

PlayerNo2 Greeting Cards

“We love games and we’re gamers ourselves. Mario Kart, Pokémon, you name it! All those wonderful games have accompanied us through all our different moments in life. And through these cards we want like-minded peeps like you out there to share your greatest moments with the people you care about.”

To continue our theme of staying connected, PlayerNo2 has a selection of super cute and creative cards to send your friends! They’re all handcrafted thanks to the talented team based in Vienna, Austria, and you can check out their work right on their Etsy store page. We’re super charmed by the pixel art and positive messages to be found here, and we can’t wait to place our first order. What an awesome idea!

Read Only Memories

Read Only Memories Voice Acting Job

Read Only Memories is still seeking a voice actor for Ramona Rogers! Women of color VAs strongly encouraged to apply.”

The awesome team over at MidBoss is still looking for an actor to voice Ramona Rogers! Even if you’ve never lent your voice to a game before, now’s your chance to give it a try. Read Only Memories was released to enormous praise for its unquestionable diversity as well as masterful storytelling, and we sincerely hope you take this opportunity to join their amazing team. You’ll be glad you did! For more details on the role and what you’ll need to apply, follow the links below.


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