Sunday Loot: #GameDev Opportunities & Brand New #GameJobs

Image courtesy of VICE
Image courtesy of VICE

Happy Sunday, friends! And a very happy Mother’s Day to those of you who celebrate. ❤ We’re very excited to have the chance to share more opportunities in the gaming industry yet again this week! It’s with your help that we’re able to bring so many awesome gigs to the table, and we sincerely appreciate that continued enthusiasm. Thanks for being you!

Expect to see a brand new scholarship program, speaking opportunities, as well as the latest job positions. It’s never been a more exciting time to break into this industry, and we’re here to help you along the way! Never forget that your work is really rad and necessary, because we certainly won’t. Let’s get started then, shall we?

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out. ✌


GaymerX Panel Submissions

“Want to present a panel, roundtable or workshop at GaymerX Year Four? COOL!”

We were lucky enough to attend the last GaymerX in 2015, and we’re super excited to hear that this amazing convention will continue in 2016! If you’re looking for a diverse, inclusive space to speak, this should absolutely be your next stop. The following submission form includes ideas for panels, talks, workshops, networking events, and even tabletop games! You have this month to submit your information, which will come up sooner than you think.

We wish you luck and hope you decide to submit!

Kill Screen

Kill Screen Scholars Program

“The new Kill Screen Festival Scholars Program is a four-month-long mentorship program created to give a select few driven women the tools and support they need to enter the games industry.”

This is an absolutely incredible opportunity for any would-be game developers who are women. Kill Screen will be hosting a festival where 10 to 15 chosen participants will be invited to a dinner, meet with their mentors, and attend the conference free of charge. After, they will have the chance to create a game and work alongside many other women in the industry in order to hone their craft.

We’re so excited to see all the work that comes out of this program! You should definitely apply—and be sure to do so soon. The deadline is fast-approaching!


Polygon Video Editor Job

“We need a fast, efficient editor to take recorded gameplay and turn it into cool, polished videos for our site. Unlike our producer roles, this job will be more behind-the-scenes than in front of a microphone.”

There’s another full-time position available at Polygon! As the name suggests, you will be expected to cut one to three videos daily, assisting the team in increasing video output. This particular deadline is almost upon us, so take care to send in your materials soon! It’s a job that will operate out of New York, and offers healthcare and benefits. Not to mention, you know, just getting to work with the Polygon team is cool enough.

Best of luck if you decide to apply!


Ookpixels Submissions

Ookpixels is a online magazine with a very clear purpose: to tell the stories of Canadian games and their makers. Our articles will be more akin to what you’ll find in Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone; long-form features that explore the stories behind Canada’s games and the people making them.”

Hey, freelance writers! There’s a super cool gaming space that you should totally consider pitching to. Ookpixels is currently seeking new voices to join their stellar team. You can get a feel for the sort of articles they publish on their website, and trust us, it’s really good. As in, we’re completely in love, and can’t wait to see what they share with the community next!

Contact details can be found below if you’re interested.


VICE Gaming Submissions

If you’re a freelance writer looking to get your work out there (again), VICE may just be your next stop! As this publication needs no real introduction, their UK team is seeking new voices and stories to share right now. Pretty sweet deal, right? You can contact them through the link below. We hope you decide to reach out! It would be mean a great deal of experience and exposure for you, which is always a plus.

Let us know when your first piece gets published! We’d love to read and share.


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