Sugar, Sweets, & Jam Is Over, But There’s Still Time to Submit!

Sugar Sweets Jam
Art by Leisha-Marie Riddel

This past Sunday, our game jam Sugar, Sweets, & Jam officially concluded! By the end of the jam, we received 11 entries from members of the FemHype community. From visual novels to platformers, interactive fiction to puzzle games, our readers came together to create some absolutely amazing projects. Congratulations to all our participants! If you’d like to play through some of our community’s hard work, check out the entry section over here.

Missed the deadline and would like to submit during May? No worries! Once your game is officially uploaded onto, send an email with your game’s URL to either myself or Jillian. From there, we can help you get set up on the game jam entry page. Latecomers are more than welcome to apply—just make sure to adhere to the official rules on the page!

Later this month, we’ll also be uploading a comprehensive follow-up post featuring every entry submitted to “Sugar, Sweets, & Jam.” Expect screenshots, developer info, and a short summary for each game. Of course, no need to worry if you’re still busy working away on your project. There’s still plenty of time to submit!

Again, if you have any questions, feel free to send an email to myself at or Jillian at

Thanks again to all our participants. We can’t wait to wrap up with you in a few weeks!


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