Sunday Loot: The Megapost of New #GameJobs, Fellowships, & Internships

Rachel E. Morris for NYU Game Center
Rachel E. Morris for the NYU Game Center

Happy Sunday, friends! We hope you’re ready for our biggest loot haul yet, because this post is seriously gargantuan. But that’s what you’re here for, isn’t it? Every week, we provide our awesome community with all the latest people and projects that are pushing for change in the industry. Today is no different! Except that it feels more like a bonus round, which is good news for you.

We’ve gathered several incredible opportunities from across the industry that you just might be interested in! From highly coveted fellowship programs to paid jobs to creative internships, everything on this list is poised to help you break into the games industry and kickstart your career. Best of luck to all of you who decide to apply! We’re so excited for you. ❤

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out. ✌

Everyday Feminism

Everyday Feminism Fellowship

Everyday Feminism is offering a Fellowship Program in order to grow the number of intersectional feminists who can write about social justice issues in a way that reaches a more general progressive audience.

The Fellowship is a 6-month training and mentorship program for activists who write at the intersection of personal and social liberation. Fellows will learn the very writing approach that has helped Everyday Feminism reach 3-4 million people per month in less than 4 years and made more radical politics accessible, appealing, and relevant to a more mainstream audience.”

While not strictly related to games, Everyday Feminism covers a great deal of pop culture issues that make this an incredibly unique opportunity for any would-be writers out there. This is also a paid position, and you will be expected to commit 10 to 15 hours per week for six months. Not only will you receive quite a bit of experience through assigned projects, becoming a fellow will also expose you to workshops, seminars, and a mentorship program that will help you on your way to becoming a full-fledged writer!

With the deadline fast-approaching, we highly recommend that you submit your materials soon. Good luck!

Girls in Tech

Girls in Tech Jobs

Girls in Tech (GIT) is a global non-profit focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment of girls and women who are passionate about technology. Our aim is to accelerate the growth of innovative women who are entering into the high-tech industry and building successful startups.”

There are a variety of jobs listed on the Girls in Tech website, so if you’re looking to break into the industry, this would be a great place to start your search! While the list itself is a bit on the small side, what we like about this is that these jobs aren’t all located in one spot. From Bristol to San Francisco, you won’t be expected to relocate if you find something nearby.

And if you’re interested in honing your craft? Girls in Tech provides support for that, too! Check out their available programs and consider joining your local chapter. They’re working hard to help more women and girls enter into this industry, and we’re all too eager to see that work continue.

Girls Make Games

Girls Make Games Summer Jobs

“Spend your summer mentoring, teaching, and inspiring the upcoming generation of creative game developers! If you’re passionate about games, game making, or technology in general and have always wanted to share your knowledge, we’ve got the job for you.

Girls Make Games hosts a series of international camps, workshops, and game jams designed to encourage girls to explore the world of video games.”

This is a huge opportunity, and one that we’re so excited to share with you! Currently, the Girls Make Games team is looking to hire a Camp Coordinator, Camp Counselor, and a Guest Speaker/Artist/Musician. All the information regarding each position can be found in this handy PDF, so take a look and see which one suits you best!

Not only will this provide a unique experience, but it will also be a deeply rewarding one. You’ll be helping to encourage young minds to enter into the tech field. What could be better than that? Best of luck if you decide to apply!

Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games Engineering Internship

“We are looking for a summer intern to help with our engineering efforts. We will be working on several games during the summer. As an intern, you will be a full member of the engineering team that is focused on getting these products to market.

The intern will be helping us with game development, our web-based tools, our Node.js-based server technology, and our HTML and Javascript-based game interfaces.”

Do you have some serious programming skills? This might be the perfect internship for you! The Jackbox Games team is looking to hire an intern for the summer. They’re a small development studio located in Chicago and best known for the trivia game YOU DON’T KNOW JACK.

This would be a wonderful opportunity to get your start in the industry, particularly working with such an upbeat, innovative group of people! If you decide to apply, we wish you the best of luck.

Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden Programmer

“I am looking for someone who is proficient in C# and Unity who can work across a range of disciplines (optimization, editor tools, shaders, and gameplay systems) to join the team and help me finish the game.

You will be taking charge of the codebase of the project. This is a position where we will be working closely together to implement features, so strong communication skills is necessary. Experience with audio programming is a plus.”

You’ll be working very closely with William Chyr on this one, though you don’t also need to be located in Chicago in order to apply. If you’re able to commit 30 to 40 hours a week for six months (potentially more), then this might just be the position for you! And if it wasn’t already assumed, this is a paid position.

This is a wonderful opportunity to work on Manifold Garden, an utterly gorgeous first-person exploration puzzle game. We wish everyone who decides to apply the best of luck!

NYU Game Center

NYU Game Center Incubator

“The purpose of the NYU Game Center Incubator is to bridge experimental work with the realities of the marketplace. The Incubator gives promising games time, space, guidance, and resources to maximize opportunities for commercial success.

We’re looking for innovative projects that are finished or are close to finished and would benefit from a focused, final push to maximize their opportunity for commercial success. The Incubator is designed to assist polished betas or nearly finished games develop a launch strategy, meaning it is not suitable for games that in the pre-production, prototype, proof of concept, or alpha phase.”

This is seriously a huge deal. If you have a game that you’re developing and you’re looking for an incredible program to present it to, the NYU Game Center Incubator is the best of the best. And you’re in luck! They’re now accepting applications from the public, which is something we highly recommend you take advantage of.

While the information session regarding this opportunity has passed, you’re still encouraged to contact the department for more details. Send an email along to! We’re super excited for you (and your game, of course).

Where Can I Pitch

Where Can I Pitch?

“In writing, it’s always nice to know where your suit will be welcome. Here are the places you can pitch.”

Last, but certainly not least, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a very helpful Tumblr account for all you writers out there! Freelancing can often be an incredibly stressful process, given the fact that there are so many outlets with their own unique creative process. Worry no more!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of @barelyconcealedWhere Can I Pitch? lists all the various publications that are looking for talented folks like you! Whether you’re interested in breaking into the industry or simply finding a new space to pen that next clever article, you’ve come to the right place. We hope you take advantage of this amazing resource!


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