Your ‘Mass Effect’ Crushes & Squishes: Take the Poll!

Mass Effect

In 2015, you told Melissa all about the Dragon Age characters you wanted to kiss and/or high five. It is now 2016, the year that Mass Effect: Andromeda … was supposed to come out, and we must compile the definitive ranking of the galaxy’s babeliest babes and friendliest friends.

The New & Improved Ranking Method (Patent Pending)

So, last time those of you who participated in the Dragon Age poll had a legitimate concern: I kept romanceable and non-romanceable characters in separate categories, leaving little room for a gray area. Well, feast your eyes! The new poll is categorized by the game each character was introduced in to break things up. Scroll right to see the full list of characters for each question.

If you see a character you like (or would like to) romance, click the “Total babe!” button. If you see a character whose friendship with Shepard pulled at your heartstrings, click the “Best friend!” button. If both apply, you have the freedom to click both bubbles. Or neither, if you don’t like the character at all. It’s all good.

Take the poll here!

As usual, all questions, concerns, and space hamsters can be directed to either @LongLiveMelKing on Twitter or through email. Thanks, FemHype crew!


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