Daisy Ridley as Lara Croft: Fancasting the ‘Tomb Raider’ Reboot Film

Tomb Raider

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about Daisy Ridley (who portrays my beloved lord and savior Rey from Star Wars) potentially being up for the role of Lara Croft in a new Tomb Raider film. With rumblings about the Assassin’s Creed set to hit theaters December 21, 2016, this is very exciting news—at least for me! I’ve been a long-time fan of Lara since my earliest memory of plunking away inexpertly on my PS2 controller, and the fact that Daisy may herald yet another powerful lady character to a whole new generation of young girls is just icing on the cake.

This news really, truly gives me so much hope for the life of this rebooted franchise. I’ve already spoken at length about why Rise of the Tomb Raider was a huge letdown for me, but with any luck, the films will expand upon what we’ve already come to know and love about the games. (I also completed a playthrough for our YouTube channel, for anyone in the mood to see me wander around the wilderness shouting about Sam.)

In hopes that a film really is being made, I’ve taken the liberty of (fan)casting the main characters from the reboot game. This is just my personal wish list of stars who I feel would make strong candidates for these roles. That said! I’d love to hear your thoughts about who you want to see accompany Lara on the big screen, whether in the first reboot game or Rise of the Tomb Raider, which isn’t covered here.

Tomb Raider

Arden Cho as Samantha Nishimura

This role was the easiest to cast for obvious reasons. Arden Cho lent her voice to Sam in the Tomb Raider reboot, which means she already understands the character more than most. She’s also a force to be reckoned with on Teen Wolf, and if I had my way, I’d absolutely pair her up with Daisy for all the super cool battle sequences (not to mention cozying up to her by the campfire, but you already know my priorities on that one).

Tomb Raider

Idris Elba as Conrad Roth

Look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn’t want him to play literally any role in the film version. Seriously. Any other answer apart from an enthusiastic “God, yes!” is a lie. I’m a huge fan of Idris’ work, and I think he would bring much-needed nuance to an already wonderful character. There’s also the fact that I think Idris would offer a great deal to a student/teacher relationship dynamic with Daisy, but that’s just another added bonus.

Tomb Raider

Danai Gurira as Joslin Reyes

While I’m not fully caught up on all things The Walking Dead, I’m an enthusiastic fan of the Telltale adaptation, which is where this particular casting choice comes from. Danai might not have voiced Michonne in the recently released game, but boy, would I throw all my money at this film if she starred in it. This, of course, brings me to my casting of Alex, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Tomb Raider

John Tui as Jonah Maiava

I adore Jonah. He was one of the single redeeming qualities of Rise of the Tomb Raider for me, and I’m delighted they decided to carry his story over into the next game. Obviously, he’s a character that must embody all that is being a true cinnamon roll, and John is absolutely that. He’s from New Zealand and has starred in films such as The Hobbit and Power Rangers. How cool is that? He’s too adorable. My heart can’t take it.

Tomb Raider

Steven Yeun as Alex Weiss

Yeah, I’m still The Walking Dead trash. But wouldn’t it be super cool to see Steven working with Danai again on another project? My vote is hell yes, please take my money. Steven could play lovable nerd in his sleep, and he’d make a great addition to an already stellar team of adventurers. At least there aren’t any walkers around, right? Right?

Tomb Raider

Dean O’Gorman as Dr. James Whitman

By now, you’ve figured out that I’m using all of my favorite actors. Sue me! (No, please don’t.) I was completely charmed by Dean when he took on the role of Fíli in The Hobbit, and I think he’d do a wonderful job handling the dual-sided nature of James. Initially, we’re meant to interpret his enthusiasm as merely part of his job, but there was something sinister happening all along. I feel like Dean could easily handle wooing audiences, don’t you?

Tomb Raider

Christoph Waltz as Mathias

While I’m not exactly well-versed in the lore surrounding the James Bond franchise, I can tell you that Christoph scared the shit out of me in Spectre. It’s that taste of the truly terrifying that sets him apart for this role, and I’d love to see him do more work in games. There’s also all his Quentin Tarantino stuff, which is even scarier. Yeah, Christoph could play Mathias almost too easily.

Tomb Raider

Rinko Kikuchi as Himiko

Last, but certainly not least, is the utterly incomparable Rinko Kikuchi. She is, hands down, a force to be reckoned with regardless of what film she’s currently starring in. There’s really no contest on this one—and, quite frankly, no one else who could portray Himiko better. I’d honestly be worried for Lara and Sam if I saw Rinko step out onto the platform in the final battle. RIP everyone.

What do you think? Who would you cast if you had the power to see anyone inhabit these roles? I’d love to hear your take on it! Drop a comment here or tweet at us @FemHype.


One thought on “Daisy Ridley as Lara Croft: Fancasting the ‘Tomb Raider’ Reboot Film

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  1. LOVE the suggestion or Arden Cho — she’s drop-dead gorgeous, she’s literally the voice of Sam and she can act. The only mark against her is that she’s 30 — but I think she can pull it off 🙂

    Best part of that is getting Sam back into the collective consciousness — as the most important person in Lara’s life (as she has stated herself many times) it’s just too jarring to see Lara continue on her journey without her.


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