5 Free App Games That Will Help You Chill Out

Path to Luma

When I need to relax, I don’t tend to turn to my computer games immediately. Maybe I’m too used to sitting at my computer and getting my ass kicked by Dark Souls to immediately connect the computer with relaxation. Either way, I’ve been playing a lot of Android games recently. There’s been a boom of free games that are fantastic, and I’ve been turning to them to find my calm in a very busy world.

The beauty of mobile games is in the name. They’re mobile, you can access them almost anywhere, and so long as your battery lasts, you can chill out with your phone. My phone is with me all the time. I’m never without it, so having easy access to my relaxation tools has been amazing for me. Here are the ones that I’ve been playing the most lately. Best of all? They’re all free (except for one on iOS).

Path to Luma (iOS, Android)

I never thought that I would ever find a game that feels like a simulator of Le Petit Prince, but that’s what this game is. The game is about a cute little person on really tiny planets with a scarf that billows as you solve puzzles. The game will hold your hand too much at first, but when you get into the main game, it’s both beautiful and relaxing. For me, some of the beauty of the game is probably tied to how much I love Le Petit Prince, but it’s a neat little puzzle game that makes me smile whenever I open it.

Boku to WankoBoku to Wanko (iOS, Android)

Roughly translating as “Doggy and I,” this game is for anyone who looked at Neko Atsume and wished that they had done it with dogs.

It has the same features as Neko Atsume—allowing you to get visits from dogs just like you did from cats and buying toys for the dogs to play with. For me, Neko Atsume has a lot more polish, but Boku to Wanko is impossible to not find adorable. After all, you are playing with puppies.

Currently, the game is entirely in Japanese, but if you’ve played Neko Atsume, then it will be easy to figure out what to do.

Cooking MamaCooking Mama (iOS, Android)

This is by no means a new game, but I haven’t been able to play it in years, and by God, it still makes me smile. The game can be a bit slow, but there’s nothing better for instant gratification. Cooking foods with simple gestures and then getting cooed over by a starry-eyed Mama who loves you even when you don’t do well? Come here and praise me!

The game is cute, and it’s great for killing time while waiting for the bus. They’ve also added another mode since I played it on the Nintendo DS, which is that you can feed the food to Cooking Papa and get double the accolades.

Dream of PixelsDream of Pixels (iOS, Android)

If you’ve ever wanted to play Tetris upside down and with some dreamy music, then this is the game for you. The only reason it’s not higher on this list is just because that’s all there is to it.

It’s Tetris upside down and with nice visuals/music. Depending on my mood, I can either find this really relaxing or it can go too fast for me, so give it a shot and see if it’s for you.

[Dream of Pixels is $2.99 on iOS, but free for Android.]

KintsukuroiKintsukuroi (Android)

If I told you there was a game where you’re putting broken items back together, it wouldn’t seem that interesting, right? Games like Angry Birds have shown us just how fun it is to destroy things, but Kintsukuroi might be my favorite app game ever. Everything is spot on. The visuals are perfect, the music is subdued and doesn’t draw the mind away from what you’re doing, and the gameplay itself is soothing.

When things go wrong, we’re always told that we can’t put what’s broken back together again. What if we could, though? What if you could take the broken pieces of whatever you have and watch them seal themselves up once you’ve put them back together?

I never knew it could be so soothing to do so before playing this game.


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