FemHype Will Be Paneling at #PAXEast 2016!

PAX East

It’s official: FemHype will be attending PAX East this year! We’re delighted to have another chance to meet more of you super awesome folks. It will be our first time attending PAX ever, so we’ll be looking to you for all the fun suggestions. And if you’d like to say hello or hang out, Jillian (that’s me!) will be cosplaying as Hawke from Dragon Age. Look for the sunglasses! 😎 High fives and hugs are always welcome.

Not only that, but we’ll be featured on a panel with some truly talented ladies. The panel is called “How I Got Into Games Journalism,” and the details are as follows:


Are you interested in writing about games or pop culture? Do you have a unique perspective? Do you want to see yourself represented in games? Join the writers from The Mary Sue and other pop culture sites for a riveting discussion on breaking into the niche field of games writing, dealing with constructive criticism, operating in the public sphere of digital publishing, tackling uncomfortable / controversial topics, and more.


Ashley [Founder, Hyrule Hyrulia]
Tanya [Founder, #INeedDiverseGames]
Jillian [Founder, FemHype]
Jessica [Assistant Editor, The Mary Sue]


The panel will be at 11:30 am Saturday, April 23rd in the Bobcat Theatre. We really hope to see you there! Feel free to hang out a bit after if you have any questions or just want to say hello.


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