Calling All #GameDevs! We Invite You to Join #SweetsJam

Art by Leisha-Marie Riddel
Art by Leisha-Marie Riddel

It’s been exactly one month since we launched FemHype’s first ever game jam! With new and exciting projects cropping up in the #SweetsJam hashtag every week, we can’t wait to see how all your creativity comes together. Even if this is the first time you’re hearing about Sugar, Sweets, & Jam, there’s no need to worry! That’s what this post will be for—providing all the links and resources you’ll need to bring your ideas to life.

And just in case you’re not a game developer, but still want to get involved, @emilybuckshot is currently hosting a choose your own adventure styled experience right on Twitter! Follow along @sugarsweetpoll where you’ll be given the opportunity to craft the story of a “sugary sweet burlesque performer.” Every day, a new poll will go up with specific decisions you’ll have to make in order to progress further into the story.

Thank you to all our super wonderful friends out there who have been boosting our posts about #SweetsJam! We couldn’t have started any of this without your enthusiasm and support. Let’s all continue working together in order to encourage more positive, queer-friendly games in the industry! 💕

Art by Leisha-Marie Riddel
Art by Leisha-Marie Riddel

Q: What is #SweetsJam about?

A: Queer relationships and sugary sweets! You’re encouraged to create a game that promotes positivity between queer characters, though it doesn’t have to be about romance. There are all kinds of experiences, after all, and no two are ever alike. Don’t forget to add in something sweet (or sour!) to your game, too.

Q: How long do I have to make a game?

A: You have until April 30, 2016 to submit.

Q: Can anyone participate in the jam?

A: Absolutely! We highly encourage everyone to join in. This isn’t a game jam exclusive to anyone. As long as you’re respectful of others and have a sweet idea, you’re totally in.

Q: I’ve never made a game before! How do I get started?

A: Great question! Ana actually curated a list of really wonderful (and totally free!) resources for everyone over on our last post regarding the jam. There are additional links listed there as well in case you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Q: How can I follow along?

A: You’re welcome to check out the #SweetsJam hashtag on either Twitter or Tumblr. We encourage all participants to use that hashtag in order to find one another!

Q: You didn’t answer my question!

A: You’re always welcome to contact either Ana or Jillian via email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Games writer and critic Ana Valens originally introduced Sugar, Sweets, & Jam to FemHype. She’s currently planning a visual novel about a queer relationship, a cupcake girl, and emotional trauma for the jam. Feel free to follow her @SpaceDoctorPhD or check out her work for FemHype.

And Sugar, Sweets, & Jam’s official artwork was created by Leisha-Marie Riddel! She can be reached at @LeishaRiddel on Twitter. If you enjoy her artwork, make sure to also check out her graphic novel at @ProjectSolaceTO.


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