Grab Bioware Games & Merch on Sale for Valentine’s Day!

Mass Effect

There’s still time to place an order for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! Whether you’re celebrating with one or more partners or you’re simply in the mood to treat yourself to a nice surprise, everyone should receive the gift of a heartbreaking romance with hundreds of save files. You don’t even have to stop there, either! Many products in the Bioware store are currently being sold at discounted prices as well, which means you can pair that copy of Dragon Age with a Cassandra hoodie to cry into when she gently turns you down. (Tissues sold separately.)

In honor of the Lunar New Year, there are quite a number of games on sale over on Steam. While you might only have until February 12, 2016 to take advantage of some pretty sweet discounts, we’ve put together a list of recommendations! For instance, you can currently nab Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening for only $10.19 and both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 for $17.49. Uh, yeah. It’s time to get on that.

For the full rundown of Bioware games and merchandise available on sale right now, jump to the next page. While everyone else is planning a fancy date night, we’ll be donning our fan gear and loading up another save to try out a new romance. We’re picking someone other than Garrus this time! No, really. Stop smirking.

Mass Effect

Bioware Games

This particular list of games was curated by the forever lovely @LadyInsanity, who you should totally follow on Tumblr for more Bioware updates like this one.

Dragon Age

Dragon Age Merch

For more Dragon Age related products on sale, check out the full list! You won’t be disappointed. We also recommend you nab either a mabari, nug, or nuggalope plush. Totally worth it. There are also the adorable minimates, too, in case you wanted to make sure that special someone brings their companions to work!

Mass Effect

Mass Effect Merch

You can find all the available Mass Effect products right here. Or, you know, lament the ones that aren’t being sold yet. (We’ve got our eye on Tali’s infinity scarf, personally.) There’s an elcor plush as well (they talk!) and a super adorable N7 cardigan that’s definitely on our wish list.

That’s a wrap! What caught your eye? Are you planning on taking advantage of any deals, or is that Dorian hoodie simply too perfect? Let us know by tweeting @FemHype or dropping it in the comments! We’d love to hear what your favorites are—and yes, that includes your OTPs.

From all of us here at FemHype, we hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day! 💕


6 thoughts on “Grab Bioware Games & Merch on Sale for Valentine’s Day!

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  1. The Dorian hoodie is awesome! It is impossible not to look fantastic in that hoodie. I had a World Market employee come up to me super shyly and ask just maybe, just possibly, if that symbol might be the one he thinks it is…

    Yes, dude. It totally is.

    Ditto to the Cassandra hoodie, actually. That’s the other piece of merch I got recognized wearing, at laser tag. The ref was super low-key about it, not saying anything till he activated my shoulder sensor and told me to “Go get ’em, Cassandra!”


    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHA oh my god, you’re not helping me resist buying both hoodies!! I desperately want someone to stop me in public so we can scream about Dragon Age. That’s the dream right there. ❤


    2. I’ve been wanting to buy the Dorian hoodie but now there are only small sizes left. I’m not sure if I’d fit in a small. Can you tell me if it runs big/small?


      1. Hmm. I would say it runs true to size? (I typically, at a dress size 10 or 12, expect to wear a large), but differently than the other bioware hoodies. Do you have any other bioware hoodies for comparison? The women’s inquisitor hoodie for example (not the new distressed-fabric one; the old soft one with the chainmail-print shoulders and the gold inquisitor-patterned inner hood) is a medium on me. But I checked the dimensions before getting the Dorian one and it’s sized much smaller than the Inq hoodie, so I went for a large. And it sits as it should–skimming my upper body but fluffing out at the pockets, which has the same effect an A-line skirt does, making it seem like the pockets are the stuff of substance there, and not my gut (ha).

        If you have any N7 stuff, the N7 angl hoodie is very similar in the waist and pocket construction, though to get the same fit for that I have an L (and I don’t think I’d be comfortable in an M…but I’m also built like a bouncer so).

        I will say that the knit ribbing on the Dorian cuffs and bottom hem is much gentler than the ribbing on the Inq hoodie, with a lot more give–so if you were worried about it clamping in way too tight there there’s no way it’ll do that; the knit is much more generous . It’s tightest around the chest and loosest in the arms (for those big fluffy sleeves) and waist (for the pockets).

        This is probably way too much information but it’s my favorite bioware hoodie so I figured I’d give you as much as I had on it! It’s smaller than the Inq and N7 Angl hoodies but I think they were just working with wildly different numbers when they designed them. Also for comparison, tshirt-wise I wear an L of the tarot tshirts and that corresponds to an L in the Dorian hoodie, if that helps.


      2. Thanks a lot! I actually just received the women’s inquisitor hoodie in the mail today. It’s a medium and it fits really well — the sleeves actually reach over my hands. So… I can only hope they restock more sizes for the Dorian hoodie. ;3;
        Thanks again!


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