Even More Video Game Music for Writing & Studying


After running a wildly successful music post a few weeks ago, our community wasted no time offering up all the music that they listen to when writing, studying, or otherwise creating that next big thing with their headphones in. We’re excited to share all of your top picks with everyone else today! And if we miss any of your favorites this time, drop us a comment. We’d be happy to continue curating even more music posts for your listening pleasure.

If you combine our last post with this one, you will have 27+ hours of video game music at your disposal. That’s over a day’s worth of super inspirational beats from all your favorite games! You offered up everything from heart-pounding cyberpunk to acoustic ambience to atmospheric epics. These are the recommendations of the ever eclectic FemHype crew, so you know you’re in for a real musical treat.

We sincerely hope that these selections help kick some of your writer’s block! Good luck on your next semester if you’re in school, and keep fighting. We believe in you and your amazing work. 💕


1. Transistor, Darren Korb [1+ hour]

Many of you will recognize this soundtrack! We mention Transistor quite frequently here—and for good reason. Not only does it boast an utterly gorgeous and engaging playing experience, the music is where it really shines. With an almost spacey, dream-like quality, each track weaves in a twangy guitar to bring it back to earth. You’ll feel like you’ve been dropped into the middle of a futuristic mystery that only you, a top detective, can solve. Try these beats when you’re looking for something soothing, yet inspiring.

This soundtrack can be purchased on Steam! We highly recommend supporting the efforts of Supergiant Games if you’re able to. We need more games with incredible lady leads! And, of course, a shout out to Ashley Barrett for providing the vocals on Transistor. She kicks major futuristic butt.

Never Alone

2. Never Alone, Brendan J. Hogan [40 minutes]

We were so excited to see Never Alone pop up on the list of your favorites! It hasn’t been very long since we covered the game on our YouTube channel, which was super fun. You’ll get a sense of the soundtrack just by turning up the volume and letting the atmosphere wash over you like a cool wind. It’s soothing, exploratory, and decidedly hopeful—perfect for motivating yourself to tackle a project that may be particularly stressful to you.

This soundtrack is both the lowest price on the list and, in our opinion, the most important one to purchase if you have the means. Upper One Games did an absolutely fantastic job offering an unparalleled gaming experience with Never Alone, and it’s imperative that we make sure they’re able to continue developing.

Life Is Strange

3. Life Is Strange, Jonathan Morali [2 hours]

You saw this one coming, didn’t you? We received numerous messages asking why Life Is Strange had been left off our last post, and you were all hella right! Please accept this very belated, but no less enthusiastic recommendation. It’s all too easy to sink into a comfy chair with a notebook on your lap, letting the soft strumming of the guitar create a thoughtful, calming space for you. Plug in your headphones and embody Max Caulfield with these tunes!

We’re sad to report that this soundtrack hasn’t been made available on its own yet. You can, however, grab a digital copy if you go in for the Limited Edition that was recently released. For $39.99, you’ll receive the official 32-page artbook (including unreleased concept art), directors’ commentary, and the full soundtrack (featuring both popular artists and the original score). Wowzer!

Assassin's Creed

4. Assassin’s Creed II, Jesper Kyd [2 hours]

All right, it’s story time! When this was recommended, I was immediately transported back to the chilly winter mornings when I used to slip on my sneakers, shivering, only to brave the cold for a light jog before classes started. It’s been a while since then, but the Assassin’s Creed II soundtrack has certainly aged well. While I never would have considered the dramatic rise and fall of this sweeping epic to serve a more creative mood, I realized that that’s precisely why I listened to it while jogging—it never failed to focus me, no matter what was on my mind.

This is a fairly old soundtrack at this point, so you can nab it on Amazon for the price of two coffees. Let me tell you, the music on this thing is going to motivate you more than caffeine would, and what’s more, it’ll last well into the night of that study session.

Deus Ex

5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Michael McCann [1+ hour]

This is another soundtrack that I’ve personally used for a workout session, but it can absolutely motivate in other ways as well. As you might imagine, listening to Deus Ex: Human Revolution is going to be as invigorating as it is to play the game, so shelve this one until you’re tackling that big project you’ve been preparing to start. In fact, if you commute to work, I’d also recommend queueing this one up for the morning grind. You’ll feel not only ready to tackle the day, but ready to conquer it.

We’re poking around Amazon again for this one, which is the second to highest price on the list. Granted, it’s more than the two coffees you’d get by purchasing the Assassin’s Creed II soundtrack, but likely less than the price of your commute (at least mine, anyway). It balances out!

Fallout 4

6. Fallout 4, Inon Zur [3 1/2 hours]

While we covered the Classical Music radio last time, we didn’t feature the actual in-game music! If you’ve been tuning in to our new #FemHypeFriday live streams over on Twitch, you’ll know exactly why Fallout 4 was included a second time. It was during a long stretch of travel that I switched off the radio on a whim, and the music that replaced it was just too good not to mention here. If you’re a fan of the steady orchestral swell that defines—and, in my opinion—enhances the Dragon Age games, you’re going to absolutely love this.

As the highest price on our list today, it’s one that I couldn’t help but own. Even before I played Fallout 4, I recognized Inon Zur’s distinct quality in the soundtrack just by watching a Let’s Play. While everyone was getting excited about Courtenay Taylor voicing the protagonist (who, admittedly, is amazing), I was flipping over Inon Zur. We all have our hobbies.


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