Let’s Keep Queering Games: Your #GOTY Votes Are In!

Fallout 4

And the votes are in! As you might recall, we ran two “Game of the Year” type posts in 2015: one where the lovely Sloane caught us up on all the most important games to be released last year, and the second post, where you got to vote for all your favorites. To recap, we offered six categories, which were all curated by none other than the FemHype staff. You were asked to cast your votes for the following:

  1. Game of the Year
  2. Best Scene
  3. Biggest Social Impact
  4. Best Performance By a Voice Actor
  5. Problematic Fave
  6. Gayme of the Year

Each category offered an “Other” option, which almost all of you utilized. Speaking of participants, 175 respondents completed the poll! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to join in on our first ever “Game of the Year” roundup. It’s been quite the ride since we opened all the way back in December 2014, and we’re so excited to be on this journey with you.

Don’t forget! It’s almost time for our first ever game jam, “Sugar, Sweets, & Jam.” Submissions will open January 21, 2016, so if you’re still looking to join a team, stop by the post linked above or take a look in our forums. We hope to see your work included in the jam!

Life Is Strange

First, and most importantly, there was no competition when it came to deciding which breakout hits were the most influential for the FemHype crew. To the tune of a whopping 449 votes across all six categories, you affirmed that Undertale and Life Is Strange were the strongest contenders for best game released in 2015. That’s quite the recommendation!

It was obvious that you felt most connected to the games that offered a glimpse into the queer experience—even when taking into account the runners up, which included a mix of Fallout 4Splatoon, and Tales From the Borderlands. All three of those games offered either an option to play as an LGBTQIA+ character or included a queer character within the story, and visibility, as we all know, is absolutely vital to the growth of this industry. Everyone here seems not only on board with that, but fully prepared to support the developers who push for this change. We’re so happy you enjoyed these games as much as we did!

While Life Is Strange was unequivocally deemed the “Problematic Fave” of the group, you made sure it held strong in the ranking. That’s also particularly important to note! Your nuanced perspective on games—even games that you love very dearly—is a wonderful trait to have. We don’t just buy a game, spend several hours playing it, and subsequently dismiss the whole experience after we’re finished. There’s a connection that lingers long after you’ve powered down, and you proved that in this poll without any shadow of a doubt.

[Art by guzusuru.]
[Art by guzusuru.]
Let’s get to the final results, shall we? There were 175 respondents for this particular poll, though not all of you answered every question. Game of the Year, Best SceneBiggest Social Impact, and Gayme of the Year were the least skipped categories of the six. Not surprising, given how important representation is to all of you! For the full results of FemHype’s first “Game of the Year” poll, check out the winners below:

  1. Game of the YearUndertale (73 votes)
  2. Best Scene: Life Is Strange Episode 4 (73 votes)
  3. Biggest Social Impact: Undertale (86 votes)
  4. Best Performance By a Voice Actor: Ashly Burch, Life Is Strange (82 votes)
  5. Problematic Fave: Life Is Strange (69 votes)
  6. Gayme of the Year: Undertale (66 votes)

We also received quite a few interesting responses in the “Other” slot provided for each category. Read Only Memories was mentioned the most frequently, consistently ranking in four out of the six possible options. (The game was deemed neither problematic nor did it have any voice actors to speak of, so those categories were out.) At ROM‘s heels was Fallout 4, and in particular, Sophie Cortina’s stellar performance as Miss Edna, which turned out to be a big favorite of many who voted.

After all of that, how are you feeling about the “Game of the Year” results? Were your picks for a lesser known favorite? Did you miss the poll, but still want a chance to have your thoughts included on this? You’re always welcome to chat with us in the comments! It’s never too late to jump in on the discussion.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Keep Queering Games: Your #GOTY Votes Are In!

Add yours

  1. Hey everyone, Sloane here!

    I originally put “Chloe and Max’s discovery at the tail-end of episode 4 as my favorite scene, because, after talking with Ashly Burch and knowing that her reaction was, dare I say, “hella” genuine and real, and nothing she knew about beforehand, it felt powerful to me.

    Looking back on it, in the actual voting, I chose the ending sequence of episode 2, focused on Kate, as my favorite scene of the year. It handled a tough subject, one that’s incredibly personal to me (as I’m sure it is to many others), and doesn’t handle it in an after school special type of way. Your choices matter, how you’ve treated your best friend, Kate, and what you’ve done that day, and the prior day, affect the outcome. The fact that the outcome is varied, that you can fail, is also something that’s really stark and you don’t see in many games to this type of degree. You can lose one of the four major girls in Life is Strange as early as episode 2, and to me that’s just… wild. But the scene is handled with a grace and great writing, handling well a topic that is rarely covered in games that has now set a high bar for future handlings of the topic.

    And, I also want to give a special note to Splatoon’s main plaza as my favorite for social impact. Posts have been nothing but kind, Posts around Christmas reminding everyone to be kind to new players, and TONS of positivity on the LGBT front, with people writing posts about how they’re gay or trans, and it’s just… so heartfelt and lovely, and stuff like that makes me feel like we don’t deserve Splatoon, but it’s just so pure and great. Can a game be a cinnamon roll? Because if so, Splatoon is that cinnamon roll, too good for this world.

    I will say though, don’t get me wrong, every game that won, and every game that was nominated, deserves it all. 2015 was a fantastic year for games in my opinion. I just wanted to highlight a few of my personal faves and votes I made.

    Also, shoutouts to Dayeanne Hutton, the other Life is Strange voice actress nominated, for a lovely performance. Kate still melts my heart every time she speaks.

    Thanks for your votes everyone! Seeing these results and all the respondents makes me *so* ecstatic and love this community so much more ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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