Sugar, Sweets, & Jam Is Now Online! Join Our Open Thread

Sugar Sweets Jam

Last week, Jillian and I introduced Sugar, Sweets, & Jam: the first official game jam hosted by FemHype! We created an announcement post, which went over some of the rules, teasing our upcoming site for the jam.

Well, today we’d like to officially unveil the the Sugar, Sweets, & Jam submission page! On there (and above!), you’ll find an absolutely gorgeous illustration by Leisha-Marie Riddel, which was commissioned for the jam. We’d like to thank her again for this wonderful artwork. We’re honored to feature her illustration! If you’d like to see more from Leisha, feel free to check out her Twitter @LeishaRiddel and her graphic novel @ProjectSolaceTO.

Along with the official page online, there’s also a couple new updates to share about Sugar, Sweets, & Jam. First, we’d like to unveil the official community section for the jam off-site, which will be moderated by both Jillian and I to make sure the forums are a positive and inclusive space. Feel free to post about your upcoming project, look for co-developers, ask questions about game development, and more! We’ll be hanging out on there, too, so look out for our posts now and then.

Of course, if you’d prefer not to post on, that’s perfectly fine, too. We’re also hosting the comments section on this post as an Open Thread for anyone interested! Feel free to chat with one another below, sharing ideas and resources for the jam. Alternatively, the hashtag #SweetsJam on Twitter and Tumblr is perfect for meeting other participants if you’re more comfortable with those sites.

Sugar Sweets Jam

Lastly, we’ve gotten a few e-mails about rules and regulations for Sugar, Sweets, & Jam submissions. Thanks to everyone who has reached out to us! We’ve updated the with a couple frequently asked questions, some of which we’d like to share below.

Q: I’m interested in creating a game that deals with darker themes such as discrimination or psychological trauma. Is that allowed?

A: Of course! As long as your game features queer relationships and sweets as major focal points, feel free to create a game that deals with more explicit themes. Again, just make sure to tag 18+ or NSFW content on your submission, if applicable.

Q: I’d like to use Creative Commons material that was created before the jam. Is this allowed?

A: Sure! So long as these assets are properly sourced per the original creator’s request.

Q: My game features two queer characters, but they aren’t dating. Is that okay?

A: Yes, platonic relationships are perfectly fine! Your characters don’t even have to meet each other, either. As long as there’s some sort of relationship among queer characters, whether directly or indirectly, you’re good.

Q: I’ve never developed a game before, and I’m a little overwhelmed. Where should I start?

A: Hey there! That’s okay, game jams are great for newcomers.

If you’re interested in developing a visual novel, consider trying out Ren’Py. If you’d like to create a side-scroller or platformer, Game Maker and Construct 2 are both great starting tools. And if you’re more interested in interactive fiction writing, Twine is an excellent free software suite.

Thanks again to everyone who has shown an interest in Sugar, Sweets, & Jam so far! We can’t wait to see you all on the 21st. If you’d like to get in touch with us—whether to ask a question, give feedback, or send a press inquiry—feel free to reach me at or Jillian at


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