#SupportSmallStreams: Boosting Let’s Players With Heart

The Walking Dead

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Many of our lovely friends in the FemHype crew have asked whether we would be running another #SupportSmallStreams post. All of this began several months ago when we reached out to our community in an effort to see whether anyone was creating content on Twitch or YouTube that fell in-line with our mission: inclusivity and positivity. The response took us completely by surprise, as it was enough to fill two (frankly, enormous) posts, which only served to strengthen our resolve.

We work very hard here to cultivate a space where gamers of all walks of life can hang out safely. With so many smaller communities out there working to achieve the same thing, it’s our job to boost their work and, with luck, introduce them to a broader audience. You’re exactly the type of person these Let’s Players across Twitch and YouTube would love to meet! If you feel like you dig their channel, we encourage you to give them a follow.

So! Let’s kick this off, then. The following is a list of Let’s Players broken down into the following categories: Twitch channels, YouTube channels, and spaces that offer content on both platforms. We’ve included a little quote from their account as well as a few games that they’ve recently played. If you’d like to be included in our next #SupportSmallStreams post, follow our Tumblr for all the latest updates.

Happy gaming, friends! ✌

The Walking Dead


beccalaytyo (Twitch)

“Come join me as I grow my channel and learn the ropes!”

Recent Games: Borderlands, Child of Light.

GeekRemixALot (Twitch)

“I’m Stacy, the taller half of Geek Remix. I make Let’s Plays with Mari, and love space, the stars, and time travel.”

Recent Games: Tomb Raider.

heatherlinn (Twitch)

“I’m new to streaming! Please feel free to say hello in the chat or just hang out.”

Recent Games: L.A. NoireThe Wolf Among Us, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

vanessasketch (Twitch)

“I spend most of my time making comics and freelance illustrating, but when I’m not, I stream some games and have some laughs while I do!”

Recent Games: The Evil WithinLayers of Fear, Resident Evil.

The Walking Dead


becvstheuniverse (YouTube)

“I’m a Canadian girl who loves space, video games, and dogs.”

Recent Games: Nancy Drew, Harry Potter.

Gamerette (YouTube)

“How a game plays and how a game was MEANT to play are two different things. I was made to find out how.”

Recent Games: Emily Is Away, Ori and the Blind Forest, Animal Inspector.

Heart Level (YouTube)

“We’re just two incredibly hot babes playing otome games badly. “

Recent Games: Mass EffectHadaka ShitsujiHalloween Otome.

Infinite Errors (YouTube)

“We play video games. Mostly badly. We talk about them. Hopefully not so badly. We’re going to have a good time, hopefully you will too.”

Recent Games: Adventure Time, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Jurassic Park.

Phoephoe Plays (YouTube)

“In which I play play video games I find interesting. Sometimes I play them well, mostly I play them badly. I also swear a lot.”

Recent Games: SOMA, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, Tomb Raider.

Salooverall (YouTube)

“If you’re curious to tag along, hit that subscribe button and get the bonus of a package of invisible cookies delivered right to your doorstep ;D”

Recent Games: SPORE.

Very Fairy Gaming (YouTube)

“For the time being I’m just fiddling around with capture software and editing since I don’t own a mic. Sorry about the poor vid quality, my computer isn’t the greatest. Hopefully my charming personality will win you over? ;3”

Recent Games: Child of Light, Binding of Isaac.

The Walking Dead


+10 to Fire Resist (Twitch, YouTube)

“+10 is a community focusing on cooperation between the different individuals whom games touch. This includes, but is not limited to, people of color, people with disabilities, people of diverse genders and sexualities, and all others who are often under-represented or poorly represented in games, as well as game designers and developers.”

Recent Games: World of WarcraftOctodad: Dadliest Catch.

Castles & Nonsense (Twitch, YouTube)

“Castles and Nonsense started as a way for two brothers and four friends to keep in touch and have fun, but it’s becoming so much more!”

Recent Games: Life Is Strange, Tidbits, The Sims.

Checkpoint (Twitch, YouTube)

“We believe that gamers shouldn’t have to trawl through thousands of sites to find the information they’re looking for – we believe in a central hub for all of your needs; and that’s what we are.”

Recent Games: Clandestine, Just Cause 3, Emily Is Away.

Game, Rinse, Repeat (Twitch, YouTube)

“We are Game, Rinse, Repeat!: a group of friends who decided to take our love of video games onto YouTube to share with the Internet!”

Recent Games: Fallout 4, SOMA.

Geek Remix (Twitch, YouTube)

“Easter egg videos, lets plays, fun game clips, and more. :3 Mari and Stacy are seriously going to rock your world.”

Recent Games: Fallout 4, Mario Party 8, Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Savepoint Sirens  (Twitch, YouTube)

“The Savepoint Sirens is a group of 10 diverse women who came together because they wanted an all women gaming channel. Our purpose is to show that women of all ethnicities, sexualities, gender fluidity, race, body type, etc., play and enjoy gaming just as much as anyone else does!”

Recent Games: Destiny, Alan Wake, The Walking Dead.

xDianaMoonx (Twitch, YouTube)

“Artist. Story Teller. Dreamer. Also a geek, gamer, Sci-Fi & Fantasy lover.”

Recent Games: Indivisible, Back to the Future, Read Only Memories.


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