Sunday Loot: Building a Sense of Community in Games


Happy Sunday, friends! It’s that time again where we make a ton of hot cocoa for everyone in the community, sit together on pillows, and share all the amazing things we heard about this past week. Sound like fun? Good! Because we have quite a bit to catch you up on, so grab that bag of marshmallows and we’ll get started.

Every week, the team here at FemHype puts together a list of all the people and projects pushing for inclusivity in the gaming industry. Sometimes (like today!) we have the great pleasure of also sharing job opportunities with you—just in case you’re looking for ways to get your start in games. Whether it’s a developing community of gamers like ours or a new experience you should totally try, we’re dedicated to bringing you everything new in the industry and all of it positive.

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out. ✌

Critical Distance

Critical Distance

We’re boosting another games job opportunity, this time from our friends over at Critical Distance! If you’re free on weekends and want to take that first step into the gaming industry, look no further. You can find the description below, which is for a paid position:

The site continues to curate a wide variety of games criticism and discussion, and we’re honestly learning something new every time a new post is published. It’s an incredible opportunity to get to work with Critical Distance, and we encourage all of you to apply! Best of luck to everyone who does.

Game Rinse Repeat

Game, Rinse, Repeat

Our friends over at Game, Rinse, Repeat are a delightfully peppy team of gamers who cover a wide range of games on their YouTube channel. Whether you’re more of a World of Warcraft person or an all-out Fallout fan, there is literally something for everyone here. We sincerely appreciate that the Game, Rinse, Repeat team brings much-needed positivity and enthusiasm to the gaming industry, and especially that they cultivate an equally inclusive environment.

We highly recommend that you check out their channel trailer if you want to learn more—or if you’d just like a laugh. They’re really, really adorable. (A little word of warning: a few of their discussions aren’t exactly safe for work. Break out your headphones!)



This brightly colored, fast-paced game is a tactical action RPG in the style of Baldur’s Gate. By leading a party of five into the ensuing civil war, you will gain skills and hopefully free those under the thumb of their oppressors. As exciting as all that sounds, what we’re really here for is the utterly incredible cast of characters. Of the ten listed, five men and five women are equally depicted. Several people of color are featured in prominent roles, too, and if that isn’t enough, a character who is blind is also represented. Take notes, developers! Masquerada is how you offer up a compelling story alongside equally compelling, diverse characters.

You can give the official announcement trailer a watch right here and follow their progress with the links below. Masquerada is set to be released next year!

Slam City Oracles

Slam City Oracles

Ready for the mosh pit? Approved by the likes of Kill Screen and The Mary Sue, this local multiplayer is a spunky, plucky game with an all-lady cast as well as crew. Slam City Oracles is inspired by riot grrrl culture in that you and another player are encouraged to create beautiful chaos together by slamming into things. It’s great fun, but also quite cathartic. Jen Friedhoff, the creator at the helm of this party, spoke at length about how the treatment of women in games informed her work:

“Those feelings definitely influenced my creation of a game where the women are invincible, where they impact the world instead of the world impacting them. It’s sort of a love letter to other women in games, who might have those same feelings of loneliness and vulnerability.”

Kill Screen describes the game perfectly (and we’re quoting here): “SLAM CITY ORACLES IS ABOUT TWO TEEN GIRLS F*CKING SH*T UP.” We’re all about that at FemHype. The game is currently available for free right now!

To Ash

To Ash

Another game with a premise that this industry desperately needs more of, To Ash is an old-school RPG where the protagonist loses power as the story progresses. It was created by Kyle Ballentine, a behavioral therapist, in an effort to shed more light on depression and anxiety related to fear of mortality. He spoke with Polygon recently about acceptance and what he hoped to achieve in developing this game:

“A lot of coping skills for anxiety and depression involve accepting what you can’t control … I think it’s important for everyone to think about those existential questions like purpose and the afterlife. There’s no right answer, but if you don’t live in great fear of death, you can stay more present.”

While To Ash won’t be released until February, we’re absolutely keeping our eye on its developments as well as Kyle’s work. It’s so important to foster these discussions, and we’re very grateful that games like this exist.


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