Sunday Loot: The Friends We Made at #IndieCade15

Together: Amna & Saif
[Art by Evan Munro.]
Happy Sunday, friends! We hope you’re enjoying the rest of the holiday weekend with a cup of tea and leftover candy. 👻 It’s been a busy few days following our trip to IndieCade this year, but we’re certainly not done talking about it yet! For the next few Sundays, we’ll be curating a very special collection of projects we were lucky enough to discover at Intel’s Gaming For Everyone tent. We have a whole stack of business cards to sort through, and you’ll be reaping the benefits  of that very soon!

You might have caught some of these super cool teams if you attended IndieCade 2015, but if not, we’re bringing their work right to your fingertips. There are four games and one gaming space after the jump, and while all of them offer very different experiences, they have one thing in common: they’re pushing for positive change in the industry. What could be better than that?

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out. ✌



A space created by @ladyremee, HeartGamingg aims to curate a social network of like-minded gamers. They’ve been maintaining a space for over two years now, and they’re still going strong! From attending conventions, to providing panel coverage, to reviewing games, there’s something for every savvy gamer here. HeartGamingg is also run by a diverse group of people, and several of them maintain their own spaces elsewhere as well, which is super impressive. You know you’re making friends with gamers who have heart! 😉

They also do quite a bit of promotion, particularly for women on Twitch and YouTube. You all know how we feel about boosting the voices of creators across the net, but it’s always really heartening to see it playing out on other sites as well. We hope you enjoy the HeartGamingg space as much as we do!



The team over at MyDream Interactive is urging you to “Think outside of the blocks!” with their game MyDream. It’s a community building experience that encourages players to create new things together, sort of like Minecraft except with a far different flare for creativity. They even maintain a section on their website dedicated to getting families involved in the game, which is absolutely wonderful and something we’d love to see more of in this industry.

You should also check out their origin story on YouTube if you have time today. It’s two minutes of quite possibly the most charming video we’ve seen attached to a game yet, and it certainly inspires us to give MyDream a try. There’s your daily dose of cute!

Pixel Ripped

Pixel Ripped

And now for something completely different! Pixel Ripped bills itself as a “retro trip through gaming history,” following the video game experiences of a girl named Nicola as she plays her way through the 2D sprites of the ’70s to the colorful 3D graphics of the ’90s. You actually start off the game playing as baby Nicola, which is as super cute as it sounds, before moving on to situations like the above image where you must complete a Game Boy Girl game during class without your teacher catching you. How many of us remember those days, eh? Good times.

The trailer for Pixel Ripped is so hilariously adorable that it literally deserves its own mention. We love that bright, playful aspect when it comes to revisiting old favorites, and this game delivers that nostalgic experience in spades!

Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator

You very well may have heard about Smooth Operator from popular gaming sites after the team’s Ludum Dare 27 Entry, Second Base. The current game was inspired by that project, and has since blossomed into a larger, totally awesome experience in its own right. Smooth Operator is an equal opportunity, LGBTQIA+ friendly kissing game where you get to choose your partner, grab a bus ticket to get to them, and proceed to swap saliva, which then determines your compatibility score. Sound silly? It is, and we love it!

It’s set to be released on iOS just in time for Valentine’s Day 2016, but you can still follow along with their progress in the meantime! Give the Beardo Games some love and tell them we sent you, okay?

Together: Amna & Saif

Together: Amna & Saif

There’s something truly special about Together: Amna & Saif. It features a diverse cast of characters, and not only that, but its main protagonist is a mother, which is all but unheard of in this industry. There’s also the fact that it was “made to be shared with those closest to you, or those you want to be closer to.” That intimate, welcoming statement carries over into the gameplay itself, making Together a uniquely captivating experience.

When you watch the trailer for this co-op puzzle game, you really get a sense of just what the team intended for its playerbase. A sprawling, comforting, and educational experience for all. We’re truly mesmerized by Together!


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