Top 9 Spookiest Game Monsters for the Halloween Season

Alien: Isolation

1. Xenomorph (Alien: Isolation)

Paired with the Gatherers from Amnesia (featured next), the Xenomorph lives in that realm of “super scary because you can’t fight it.” What makes this enemy even worse, though, is that this AI is well-developed. Sooner or later, you will not be able to hide in the same places because the AI will figure it out. The alien only gets more aggressive, smarter, and more challenging as the game goes on.

2. Gatherers (Amnesia)

In truth, none of us really like enemies we can’t fight. We like to feel like we can challenge the game itself in order to save ourselves. Amnesia doesn’t give you that chance. Instead, you are constantly running and hiding from the Gatherers, and they will get you. When they do get you, you will see that they are rather frighteningly designed as well.

3. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2)

Arguably one of the most recognizable enemies from the entire Silent Hill series, Pyramid Head is challenging, brutal, and has one scary design. He continually hunts James throughout the town of Silent Hill and is a manifestation of James’ own guilt. It’s that part that makes Pyramid Head especially scary—his mythos is that he hunts those who believe they deserve to be hunted.

Left 4 Dead

4. The Witch (Left 4 Dead)

While you do eventually get used to the Witches, the slight fear they cause never completely goes away. Not to mention the first few times you encounter this enemy is pretty scary. They are often placed in your way, have scary music, and are bothered by the presence of the survivors. Once they are triggered, they come after whoever frightens them and will not stop until they kill everyone or are killed.

5. Headcrabs (Half Life 2)

It sucks to try to kill these things. It should be easy—they are small and weak. However, they make up for it by being fast and bouncing around a lot. Just when you think you’ve got it lined up, you take the shot, miss, and BAM: it’s on your face and things really start to suck. Terrifying, annoying, and shockingly deadly, the headcrabs are not soon forgotten.


6. Shibito (Siren)

There is more than one variety of Shibito in the Siren series, and learning their patterns and which ones are which is the only real way to survive them. By far the worst are the ones that will actively hunt your character until you can find a way to get them off their path and distracted. The problem is that it’s really easy to miss where they are and what their pattern is. More often then not, you find them because they have found you, and they will succeed in their goal of taking you down.

7. Slashers (Dead Space)

So while you might get used to the Slashers in Dead Space, they never fail to bring it when you least expect it. The Slashers are common and slightly weak. However, they have a terrifying design, and when you get them in groups, they are very deadly. Throw in the upgraded forms of this enemy and you have something to haunt you while playing the Dead Space games.

RDR: Undead Nightmare

8. Bolters (RDR: Undead Nightmare)

Bolters crawl on all fours and it’s just plain creepy. Not only does it look creepy, but it makes them more challenging. Bolters are faster than normal undead and pounce on you. On their own, they are easy enough to deal with since they are about as weak as normal undead. However, they are most likely to show up when you are dealing with large groups. They are easy to miss because they are low to the ground and will surprise you. Put John in situations with a lot of undead and multiple Bolters, and you can be easily overwhelmed.

9. Zombie Dogs (Resident Evil)

There are many enemies from this series I could have picked, but to me, this monster is one of the worst. Regardless of the game, when they show up, it’s never fun. They are quick, hard to kill, and it’s man’s best friend completely turning on man. The zombie dogs always manage to bring the scares.


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  1. Awww yay Undead Nightmare mention! I really need to do my more-or-less annual Halloween replay. And yeah, bolters are the worst.


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