Open Forum: Your Predictions for ‘Life Is Strange’ Episode 5

Life Is Strange

It’s almost October, and you know what that means! No, not Halloween. (Although we’re excited about that, too.) The final episode of Dontnod’s Life Is Strange, “Polarized,” is all but confirmed to be dropping on the 20th. It feels like only yesterday that we were posting countless articles about Arcadia Bay and all its mysteries. Not to mention our Let’s Plays of all four previous episodes, which delved further into the wide world of indie folk music and snapping the perfect selfie. How time flies, eh?

While we’re certainly impatient for the big finale to come, we decided to host another open forum soirée like we did last time. Bring us your predictions! Your headcanons! Your wish list! Queer ladies, duh. What do you think will happen when Life Is Strange concludes? As always, we only have a few rules going forward:

  1. No inflammatory language (ableism, misogyny, -phobia of any kind, etc).
  2. Be patient if your comment hasn’t been approved yet! You only need one moderated approval and then your comments should appear automatically thereafter.
  3. We reserve the right to add further rules if necessary. Should you feel uncomfortable or have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to email

Here be spoilers, friends! Peek into the comments below at your own risk, and have fun! We hope you enjoy Episode 5, but even if you don’t, that’s what this post is for. ✌ Re-write it!


8 thoughts on “Open Forum: Your Predictions for ‘Life Is Strange’ Episode 5

Add yours

  1. Holy moly, I’m way too excited about this episode to come out D:

    As for predictions, I don’t think we’re done with plot twists yet! There was the huge reveal with Jefferson in ep 4, but I highly doubt thats the last thing we’re gonna be really surprised about. I’m sadly suspecting that there wont be a happy ending, I think that something with Max’s whole time travel shenanigans is going to make us either make a really hard decision or even worse, get stuck in an infinite loop… ugh. I also think that we’ve been tricked into not thinking too much about why or how she actually acquired her powers, after all the game takes place in an otherwise “normal” world where usual natural laws applies (not considering the snow storms, eclipses, double moons and all)

    I’m hoping that Rachel isn’t dead, I really want her and Max to meet at some point and also I feel like her being dead is too predictable. I think a lot of people, well at least I did, thought that Rachel being dead would be the most logical reason as to why she’s missing. Thus it would be kinda disappointing if that’s all there was. Hopefully Dontnod agrees! And also I’d be so disappointed if Chloe were to actually be dead and beyond saving at this point! God that would really ruin the last episode for me xD


  2. As FemHype’s wannabe Life is Strange editor, I totally need to post a bunch here. I adore the game and I’m as nervous as I am excited for episode 5, and I have hella predictions, hopes, and headcanons.

    – Chloe and Max finally get together. Whether the ending is happy or bittersweet feels up in the air to me. I fully expect a bittersweet ending, but it could go either way, I feel
    – The Patronus doe is explained *in universe*, presumably connected with Rachel. In episode 1 we saw the doe at the lighthouse, leading Max up. I feel that has to be connected somehow.
    – The big setpieces we’ll visit are the lighthouse/the shack by it, and Nathan’s house/Pan Estates.
    – I’m not sure we’ll actually meet Sean Prescott. I think we have to, but I’m not sure. That feels like Nathan’s fight to handle, more than Max’s– though, again, if it happens, she’ll be involved.
    – Nathan will get his moment of redemption. I don’t believe he’s dead yet (I know that idea was floating around), and he won’t until he gets his redemption for what he’s done with Jefferson.
    – Arcadia Bay ends up (relatively) fine. Not sure how, but I think it’ll mostly be the beach (and Pan Estates) that get the most damage from the tornado. And the lighthouse, that’s been focused on/destroyed too much.
    – Jefferson doesn’t have time powers. I know some people have thought this, but with how things have worked out this week, I can’t see it.

    – Nothing happens to Max and/or Victoria. We know Max is captured by Jefferson, and maybe something happens to Victoria, especially since she was meant to be next, but I don’t want them to have anything happen to them. It is not necessary and it’ll only show how evil Jefferson is as opposed to showing how strong Max has become and how strong Victoria is.
    – Chloe doesn’t die and Max doesn’t die. I really want them both to live, but with how things are amping up, I’m really afraid that won’t be the case. I would cry too much if even one of them died, I don’t want to think about the awful possibility it happens to both
    – The ability to enter a relationship with Chloe, Kate, or Victoria. I’m sure it won’t happen, but I would love this. Chloe and Max are the OTP of course, but I love Max and Kate and Max and Victoria as pairings. Each one could end up happening with a different dynamic, and I would just love all four of the lead ladies to be queer/gay.
    – Warren is a baddie. I know if it were to happen it would have been revealed in the last episode somehow (though maybe not with the true antagonist being revealed?) but I would like to see it. It’s been a thought of mine throughout most of the season, and he’s too much of a Nice Guy for me to trust him. Plus, how he was acting at the party? Suspect.
    – The powers are either explained really well or not at all. Nothing in between. I hope they have their explanation on point, or it isn’t answered.
    – Rachel gets a speaking part in some way. We’ve seen the awful fate of Rachel, but I would love, whether some flash back or something, we hear what Rachel sounds like.
    – We get some sort of monologue from Jefferson hearing his motives. This is gross, especially with my first hope, but admittedly, I’ve been thinking about his words, motives, timeline, ever since episode 4 was released. I’m deadly curious as to all of this, I want to know, as much as I don’t.
    – Assuming we don’t get my dream of pick your Max OTP, I want to see Chloe and Max run off to LA/Hollywood and start a new life.
    – A teaser for a Life is Strange Season 2, but in a completely different (big city, perhaps?) setting and starring two young WoC.

    – My main one is that I like to believe Victoria is a trans woman. I have no reason for it, beyond the fact that I absolutely love Victoria and how she subverts the stereotypical Mean Girl/Bad Bitch character with her actually being kind of insecure, nerdy, etc. If this somehow *is* the case, then I don’t want it brought up in the episode, since, well, the apocalypse is basically happening, and it really isn’t the time to make Victoria’s character suddenly be about her gender, but I would love for them to confirm it somewhere (out of game) because that would be rad. I love Victoria.
    – The alternate universe still exists. I doubt it’ll play a role, but I like to believe it still exists in some way. The idea of little jerkass Maxine Caulfield in the Vortex Club I just love. I like to believe it still exists.
    – Chloe and Rachel were girlfriends. I feel like it was stealth confirmed, but it was never *explicitly* said, so yeah, I’d love that confirmation.

    And above all, I want Max to be explicitly queer in some way, whether she’s bisexual or gay. It would be a massive disappointment and probably retroactively ruin the game for me if this game just turned out to be hella queerbaiting.

    Whew, sorry for the wall of text, that’s all I have!


    1. Ah, the way he was acting at the party – it’s heavily implied that he got drugged by Nathan or Mr. Jefferson. The way he says “half a beer” is eerily reminiscent of how Kate said she only had a “sip of wine” at the Vortex Club party *she* went to. Seeing as how Warren stands up to Nathan, it would make sense.

      I’m not a Nice Guy TM apologist, but I don’t think he’ll turn out to be a villain.


  3. I’ve had a theory since episode one that makes me really sad, but has only gotten more possible with the introduction of time jumps through pictures. We all know that Chloe is a doom magnet, and I think this extends to the crazy weather, which only started after Max saved her.

    I think that Max will escape Jefferson and jump back to Warren’s picture to save Chloe, only to find that it doesn’t fix the killer storm. Then maybe the doe/Rachel leads her to the picture of the blue butterfly she took in the bathroom, at which point she realizes what she has to do in order to save Arcadia Bay. Cue romantic climax with Chloe, and then Max jumps back to the bathroom, where she must sit back and let Nathan shoot Chloe. The storm never starts, and she saves Arcadia Bay, but she loses her best friend/girlfriend for good.

    Personally I hope for literally any other ending, but this one has stuck with me for long that I can’t help expecting it.


    1. This is my read on it too, and what I think will happen. I think a lot of this started because of that scene with Chloe, and that the only cure for it will be letting “fate” win. Then again it wouldn’t explain why Max got this power, maybe the answer is she was supposed to get it in order to stop it … hmmm. No idea. Maybe Max will die instead. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them ends up dead. I’d rather they survive of course, but they’re definitely setting us up for a bittersweet ending.

      I also think there’s more to what Jefferson’s doing. I wonder a little if he knows something’s going on and if there’s motivations outside of just being a creep. Maybe I’m reading into it a lot, I just think it’d be interesting if there’s more going on than what we think.


  4. I have this crazy theory that basically says Rachel died between episode one and two, and not in April.
    So in episode two we only see the doe as transparent, and in the first episode it was real in Max’s vision. Since we now know after episode four that the doe was kind of like Rachel’s spirit, and it was a “ghost” in episode two and not before, it could mean that only then did Rachel die.
    Because when the police gave up on her case, Chloe started hanging posters around town and hung the missing person poster all over Blackwell Academy at the start of episode one, Jefferson (and Nathan) of course saw them, which could’ve freaked him out and encouraged him to kill Rachel and bury her. (I also have this theory that she could’ve been pregnant omg imagine.)
    The pictures with Nathan in the red binder labeled “Rachel” in the dark room could be new.
    I don’t know why Sean Prescott or Jefferson would be keeping her in the dark room for so long to be honest but it makes sense, to me at least.
    This is something I’m positive will happen, we’re going to use the selfie Max took in class the very start of the game and go back, for either two reasons: 1. Save Rachel (because she’s not dead yet in my previous theory). Or, and this is something everyone has been saying but I won’t accept it, 2. Let Nathan kill Chloe in the bathroom.
    There’s a picture of the Polaroid Max tore in the bathroom in one of those teaser pictures when you click on episode five in the menu, and this is evidence that we’re going back and maybe will submit it to the Everyday Heroes Contest.
    We could also of course use the selfie we took with Warren before the vortex club party in episode four and use it to go back and basically save ourselves and Chloe.
    Ugh I’m so excited for the finale, I wonder where max got her powers from I need theories on that.


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