Sunday Loot: Everyone Deserves Diverse Games


Happy Sunday, friends! We’re so glad you’re joining us for another round of projects breaking new ground in the gaming industry. For any new FemHype crew initiates, this is our exclusive weekly series with all the latest news and content that features a goal similar to our own: fostering a safe, supportive, and inclusive culture in video games. What does that entail, you might ask? From a new indie game featuring a fresh perspective to exclusive opportunities for you to get directly involved, the pixelated sky’s the limit!

This week, we’ll be turning our focus to diversity. As you well know, it’s an incredibly contentious subject in this industry, one that sparks heated, often derailing debates. Before you reach for the Advil, take a look at the loot we gathered for you today! We’re covering the people and their projects who are working—with wildly successful results, might we add—to bring much-needed diversity to this culture we’re all ultimately part of. If you’re looking for spaces to support or get involved in that are doing just that, look no further.

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out. ✌



When we first mentioned Aerannis on the blog, Anastasia featured screenshots from the game in her piece “Make It Count: 5 Steps to Create a Well-Written Trans Character.” And for good reason, too! The main character in this mission-based stealth game is, in fact, transgender. You get to play as Ceyda Farhi, a kickass lady assassin in a world where men no longer exist. Got you hooked already, don’t I? 😎

More importantly, Aerannis has garnered a number of positive reviews from the community, and it comes highly recommended by those who’ve played it. “The story features intense discussions of feminism,” Ayrad says. “Particularly factions within feminism, and the place trans women have in feminism.” The fact that a game even handles this material—and handles it well—is more than enough reason to check it out. Aerannis is currently 15% off on Steam at a price of $8.49 as of this writing. Help support wonderful games like these!



If you love app games, you’re in for a real treat! We found a super talented Let’s Player (also known as Simplimazing) who covers the much-needed mobile games market. With her trusty iPad mini, AGeekyChick serves up playthroughs of everything from Dungeon Boss, Dragon Mania Legends, and even available pets in Order & Chaos 2. Dogs? Cats? Sign us up right this second.

But, wait! There’s so much more. Not only is AGeekyChick super entertaining and inclusive, she invites her community to play games with her! She frequently offers codes for her reviewers, too, which makes it even easier to join in the fun. It’s not often you get to make an in-game friend this cool, so we recommend that you jump on board ASAP. Also, bring your virtual pets along with you. We’ll be jealous.

Black Girl Nerds

Black Girl Nerds

This is an opportunity for you this time! While you’ve almost certainly heard of the incredible Black Girl Nerds community, did you know that they’re looking for contributors? That’s right! If you’re involved in the gaming industry in any capacity, whether professionally or as an avid fan, consider lending your voice to their “Diversity in Gaming” series. Like the work of #INeedDiverseGames, BGN is working to boost marginalized voices in the wider games community far too often silenced. This is your big chance to get involved in a rapidly growing movement, and we encourage you to apply, even if you’ve never written anything like this before!

For the further information, please see the original pitch here. All thanks goes to @iamlaurenp for advertising this initiative on Twitter. We wouldn’t have caught it without you!



Let’s be real: if you know the work we’re doing here, you know the work that @cypheroftyr is doing. We’re avid and completely shameless fans of the #INeedDiverseGames community, and right now, they need our help in order to reach more gamers like us. In order to do that, the team has opened a GoFundMe account. If you’re financially able to donate, we sincerely hope that you do! They’re looking to grow into a 503c non-profit organization, which would be such a wonderful resource for so many people.

Congratulations on your fast-approaching one year anniversary, #INeedDiverseGames! We’re so proud to stand by your side as we push for bigger and better things to come in games culture. This gif about sums up our feelings on the subject. 💕



Black Girl Nerds and #INeedDiverseGames aren’t the only initiatives heralding diversity in the gaming industry! Billed as the place “where Rexdale youth reach the next level,” Techsdale recently opened shop in Toronto as a no-cost game design program that supports young people making games from scratch. What’s truly special about this program is that they connect the budding game developers of tomorrow with industry professionals through Humber College.

Techsdale is currently gearing up for a showcase of their students’ work in November, which is sure to be an incredible experience. Keep an eye on the work that they’re doing! These are the talented developers of our future, and they’re going to shake the gaming industry up like you wouldn’t believe. For the record, we’re super excited to see Techsdale grow.


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