Sunday Loot: Kickstarting a New Era of Video Games


Happy Sunday, friends! It’s that time again, and we have a whole host of fun goodies for you today. These games are at the cutting edge of some much-needed diversity and representation, and with a few innovative game jams thrown into the mix, you’ll certainly have your hands full trying to support and play them all! Join us as we explore the final frontier with a crew that’s out of this world, stand against the zombie hordes of the Fabulous Fifties, and delve deep into a mysterious temple long lost to time.

Every week, we bring you the latest projects in the gaming industry that not only keep us motivated, but also excite us about all the big changes coming to an ever-growing culture. It’s only with your help that we’re able to curate all of these opportunities for the FemHype community, so thank you! We’re super thrilled to be on this incredible journey with all of you, and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store. So grab that rolling pin, close the airlock, and get ready for the ride.

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out. ✌



We’ve been big fans of all the work Sketchy Panda Games has been putting into Aberford, their impending zombies versus ’50s housewives game. Oh, yes. You read that right! This is a diverse cast of women pitted against hordes of undead and armed to the teeth with household appliances—and that’s certainly not all there is to this game. Ever since Adam was kind enough to be interviewed by me, Aberford has grown exponentially in scale and quality. The team is right on the cusp of releasing this thing, so get ready.

You can be the first to support their Kickstarter initiative by signing up for Thunderclap, an app that will post a fun little notice about Aberford on September 15, 2015 when the Kickstarter officially drops. Not only will you be the first to alert others, but if you’re able to personally back their project, you’ll receive the game as a reward! Join us as we celebrate the impending release of a delightfully empowering game. 🔪



This is another game with a diverse cast on our radar that looks absolutely spectacular. In short, Distress is a futuristic horror thriller where the stakes are high and you’re even higher. Get it? Because it’s set in space. 🚀 Inspired by the likes of Silent Hill, Snatcher, and Mass Effect, you’re tasked with responding to a distress signal from a space station that’s conspicuously gone silent. With difficult decisions to be made and thirty possible endings, Distress certainly sounds like it’s going to live up to its name.

You can play the prologue, Excavation, for free by following the link below. That should give you a feel for how the main story will play out! And if you’re able to contribute to the team’s Kickstarter, I highly recommend that you back this project. We need to be supporting more games like Distress that not only features a diverse, realistic cast of characters, but also fosters incredibly creative new ideas.

Community Jam

Community Jam

Brought to you by the volunteers of IndieCade in collaboration with Game Jolt, Community Jam aims to richly reward three participants. Anyone who submits an entry to this game jam can vote on who they feel should win the loot, which makes for an interesting contest! Despite the fact that the theme hasn’t been released yet, the prizes you could potentially win make this an opportunity that should be on your radar.

Tweet using the hashtag #CommunityJam15 to keep updated on this game jam! Even if you aren’t interested in participating, you should consider sharing this project with anyone you think might be interested. It’s always such a wonderful thing to see new people getting involved in game development, particularly if the reward involves promotion.

Dates: September 17th to 20th

Little Bytes

Little Bytes

We’re lifelong fans of Kiva Bay’s groundbreaking work in this industry. Back in April, we were fortunate enough to feature her moving comic, Shut Up and Take My Money! A Tale of a Poor Gamer, which has been reposted and shared countless times since. Everything she works on creates positive change and lifts the voices of others, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re delighted to have yet another opportunity to feature her recent work.

Little Bytes is a game jam that aims to raise awareness about poverty. With 40 million people living below the poverty line in the United States, now is the time to shed light on lived experiences through a more interactive means. Kiva mentions Food Not Bombs as a way to start the conversation, and encourages participants to share their personal stories using Twine if that approach is more appealing.

Dates: October 15th to 31st

Star and Light 2.0

Star & Light

A flash game that’s equal parts puzzle and platformer, Star & Light drops you into the shoes of Adhara who must explore an old, mysterious temple in order to save someone. It was recently Greenlit on Steam, and following several play tests, the second version of the game will be made available soon. This is Hermann Kayode‘s “first true game,” and what a marvelous foray into diverse games it is.

If you’re interested in getting involved with a wonderful game in the early stages of production, this is your chance! You’ll be the first of your friends to know about and have played Star & Light, not to mention you’ll also be supporting a much-needed initiative in the gaming industry right now. Star & Light looks to have a bright future ahead of it, and you can be the start of that. 🌟


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