Bioware Ladies Apparel: ThinkGeek Responds

When I wrote about my frustration over the lack of merchandise for women, I hardly thought that anything would come from it. It was more or less a way for me to voice my opinions through a platform that I saw fitting. Apparently, I underestimated the power of being able to contribute to a site that garnered a lot of traffic. Within the span of a day, a representative from ThinkGeek contacted me.


Needless to say, I was ecstatic! It took a week or so before I was able to get in touch with Steve Zimmerman, head of PR at the company. I remember pacing back and forth, staring down expectantly at my phone as I waited for it to ring. Finally, I received the call. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Should I stand up straighter? Would I need to make myself sound more professional over the phone? This was new territory for me. Nothing I’d ever written had grabbed the attention of an important industry figure before.

We chatted for a little while. There was more nodding on my part, but he told me that there had been plans in the works for a line of clothing exclusively for women. I zoned out for a bit as soon as he mentioned Bioware, as I knew that meant more Mass Effect merchandise that I’d be able to throw my cash at.

Before saying our goodbyes, he told me to keep all of the information he had confided under wraps. I pressed my back against the wall and slid down the length of it until I was sitting on the floor. I happened to be in public, and any strange looks I garnered were immediately dismissed. This was a lot to take in. I was beyond excited to hear that there was going to be more merchandise for women. Frankly, it’s about time. The only problem was that I had no idea what the clothes were going to look like!

At the beginning of the week, I received an email from Steve with an attachment that read “Bioware Ladies Apparel.” Inside were images of the proposed pieces of clothing that I’d been waiting to see:

Bioware Ladies Apparel

These two dresses were what caught my eye first. This is exactly what I had in mind when I mentioned wanting more merchandise! It’s exclusive to women (or anyone who dislikes the restrictive nature of pants) and it’s different than a t-shirt with the same design, and I love that. My wallet began to feel heavy.

Bioware Ladies Apparel

TALI LEGGINGS? Sign me up. I’m sold. The scarf is also a unique piece, and I appreciate the fit of the tank top. There are other relatively plain leggings, as well as t-shirts that look as though they were meant to be form-fitting (all adorned with the N7 logo, of course). These pieces were all made to fit a different style as opposed to merch usually marketed toward cis men. There will be sizes ranging from small to XXL, which is great in terms of finding apparel that fits the way that you’re shaped. After all, every woman has a different physique! It’s great to see that we’ll be able to toss our money at clothes that are made for us.

Pax Prime goers were able to get a sneak peak of the new fall line on Saturday during the Bioware fashion show. Scrolling through my Twitter feed, the pieces seemed to garner a lot of positive reception. Many enthusiastic people rejoiced to see the inclusive line for women—myself included. Our bank accounts, however, will need to brace themselves.

It’s encouraging to see that it’s not just the gamers who want more merchandise for us women, but the individuals who work for these companies as well. While these pieces are a great step in the right direction, this is just Bioware for now. I’d like to see other retailers follow in their footsteps!


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  1. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Except, you know, I can’t get any of this stuff except the scarves because the higher ups seem to be in utter denial about the existence of voluminous female geeks. Valve denies it. Gearbox denies it. Bethesda denies it (which sucks, their Dark Brotherhood hoodies is GORGEOUS and I want but no size). To my eternal heartbreak, WeLoveFine denies it. And now Bioware denies it. Yes, ThinkGeek is getting better, they’ve got what, 4 or 5 plus shirts now? Great. Her Universe at least MAKES some plus dresses, even though they are hardly ever available and their sizing is WAY off, but still, mostly shirts.

    So not a single pretty geek dress for me. Nope. I guess that once you are a size 24, you no longer have the right to feel pretty and should just accept your shame and stay indoors. The only way I can throw my money at Bioware, or anyone really, is if I buy men’s shirts. I have been voicing my desire for more big geek stuff for years, and the closest thing I ever got to a reply was Felicia Day saying that the unisex shirts have extended sizes.

    So cheers, a company is going to sell some more geekwear for women. But have you ever size compared men’s and women’s clothing? A women’s 2XL, which is usually the largest they go, is WAY smaller than a men’s 2XL, and that 2XL is pretty much never the biggest of the men’s choices. How is that fair? Men can totally be as small as women, but women can never be as big as men? Okay, so probably no one ever thought of it like that and it’s totally facetious, but still, DAFUQ?

    Sorrynotsorry for the rant.

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