Still Hopeful for ‘Mooncrest,’ an RPG From Bioware Veterans

Source: KnightMayor LLC
Source: KnightMayor LLC

Fan of RPGs? Ones with a story-driven focus and a complex combat system? What about with two women as the lead protagonists? Then Mooncrest just might be for you. A single-player RPG made by veterans of Bioware, it’s currently in development. It has hit a bit of a speed bump, though, as its first Kickstarter was unfortunately cancelled by the developers. But that doesn’t mean it’ll never reach our screens!

The game follows the story of two heroines. One is Pirotase, a street-smart thief, and the other is Sera, a newly knighted paladin. This unlikely pair roam the streets of the city, Mooncrest, battling their enemies and forging a relationship described as “sisterhood.” Sounds promising! The game also boasts of plans for “real-time, tactical combat,” and has been compared to the Dark Souls combat system by the developers. Add in the promise of puzzle-solving and it seems like a winning combination for fans of the RPG genre.

On paper, Mooncrest reads like it’s a recipe for success; it comes from a relatively new indie studio called KnightMayor, which is run by Rick Burton, James Henley, Brian Ledden, and Jeff Visgaitis. You might not recognize all the names straightaway, and in case (like me) you’re drawing a bit of a blank: Burton and Henley worked at Bioware together on Mass Effect and both of them have been on the Dragon Age team, too, while Ledden has worked for Bioware on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Visgaitis brings his experience as an art director and designer of pen and paper games. All in all, these four have 20-odd years experience in the AAA game industry between them.

Source: KnightMayor LLC
Source: KnightMayor LLC

Mooncrest’s Kickstarter project launched on 5th of August and did well to start with—raising $25,000 in just 24 hours. Unfortunately for all the RPG fans out there, the momentum didn’t keep up and the Kickstarter was cancelled a week later on August 12th, having only raised about $50,000 of its $400,000 goal. In a post made on their Kickstarter page, the developers cite reasons such as lack of in-game footage, lack of marketing, and poor communication with fans for the failure of the project.

However, all is not lost! In the same update post, KnightMayor said that:

“Our future plans are to lick our wounds, address all of the criticisms/complaints we received, and move forward with another Kickstarter once we’re ready. Our focus will be on having a pitch video that actually, ya know, pitches the game, having ingame footage to show, and just going more in depth on what we have in place to see this game through production and to release.”

While it’s disappointing to see that the game has been delayed, it’s refreshing to see a company own up to their mistakes and look to the future instead. Hopefully by the time KnightMayor’s next Kickstarter rolls around, we can see a more fleshed out version of a promising game, so watch this space!

Source: KnightMayor
Source: KnightMayor LLC

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