#SupportSmallStreams! Boosting More Friendly, Inclusive Let’s Players

Life Is Strange

Not too long ago, we ran our first #SupportSmallStreams post in response to an ask we received on Tumblr. When we reached out to all of you in the community, it became startlingly clear just how necessary a list of inclusive Let’s Players was for everyone. And why not boost them here? There are literally thousands of Twitch streams and YouTube channels out there with potentially friendly spaces, including ours that recently launched. Just because we cultivate smaller communities right now doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for new gamers to join our teams. 💕

If you’re looking for Let’s Players on Twitch, YouTube, or both platforms who maintain spaces that are welcoming to those marginalized in the gaming industry, this is the spot to keep an eye on. We’ll continue to make an effort to curate this list for you, but we need your help in order to do it! Share the shit out of this post. That way, more Let’s Players will find out about it so we can boost them, too. See? It’s like a never-ending fist bump, only you’re getting a list of super cool spaces to follow.

A few of you asked whether we would run another one of these posts in the future. Don’t worry! The answer is unequivocally yes. We believe wholeheartedly in the hard work and dedication of small gaming communities, and we want to support you! Take your time getting that channel together or fiddling around with your new stream. We’ll be here to boost you once you’re ready to be included. Be sure to subscribe to our own YouTube and follow our Tumblr for updates on the next round!

Life Is Strange


Bunnessa (Twitch)

“I am a trans girl who has a love for gaming. I don’t have the fanciest systems or the best computer so I play what I like.”

Recent Games: The Long DarkWeapons Genius.

inkytheblot (Twitch)

“I work very hard to keep my stream a safe space for everyone!”

Recent Games: Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead.

MSauce (Twitch)

“I’m not a rage player if I can help it so no shouting/cursing. (The worst I do is play on words such as augh mother of a son!)”

Recent Games: BioShock 2, Dragon Age II.

pearie (Twitch)

“I’m not ultra experienced in streaming, but I love watching other people play and meeting new people to chat with. :D”

Recent Games: Child of Light.

shutupsamx (Twitch)

“i’m female/bigender, have aspergers, and i’m pansexual.”

  • Recent Games: Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Life Is Strange


Anti-SJW Flower (YouTube)

“I’m and mentaly ill, agender, lithsexual, latinx gamer. I’m not actually an anti-sjw lmao”

Recent Games: The Cat Lady.

eairyzero (YouTube)

“I do Let’s Plays of games for your entertainment.”

Recent Games: Life Is Strange, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Games With Friends (YouTube)

“Video games! Friends! Combine the two! Games With Friends!”

Recent Games: Broken Age, Bloodbourne.

Lady Cadashing (YouTube)

“Just a bunch of random Let’s Plays. I tend to enjoy scifi/fantasy RPGs or story- and character-centric games with female protagonists best, though there are exceptions.”

Recent Gams: 140, The Fall.

muppy626 (YouTube)

“Just a dweeb that makes silly gaming videos on the internet. :P”

Recent Games: Life Is Strange, Misao.

Nerdellect (YouTube)

“I try to include and promote other female gamers as much as I can!”

Recent Games: Alien Isolation, Shadow of Mordor.

Nicholas Derk (YouTube)

“Not too much editing but you’ll see some unconventional playthroughs. I do mostly story-based games and I’m tired of playing as male characters.”

Recent Games: Fallout 3, Mass Effect.

Primadonna Khaleesi (YouTube)

“I dork around in attempts to get people to smile ❤ Hopefully I can succeed!”

Recent Games: TBD.

Shepard458 (YouTube)

“We are all humans, and if you happen to be a human who enjoys video games, then all the better!”

Recent Games: Heroes of the Storm, Warframe.

TetraSheik (YouTube)

“I would say my channel is probably 16+ but I do my best to make my videos friendly for all different kinds of viewers.”

Recent Games: Minecraft.

Witch Planet (YouTube)

“We do our best to be as friendly as possible, via not using slurs, making sure to have content warnings and subtitling all our vids for E.S.L people and anyone Hard of Hearing.”

Recent Games: Woozy Waiter, Hot Date.

Life Is Strange


loredespades (TwitchYouTube)

“Right now I have a don’t starve together series that I play with my friends and further I play mostly (short) indie games.”

Recent Games: Don’t Starve TogetherHeroes of the Storm.

May Plays (Twitch, YouTube)

“From the latest releases to games from our childhood we’ll have something to say about it and why we love it or hate it.”

Recent Games: The Bigs 2, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

mloreley (Twitch, YouTube)

“As a disabled ace woman, I believe I fit the criteria for being ‘friendly?’ :D”

Recent Games: Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

SixtyXCelph (Twitch, YouTube)

“For anything I feel like chatting about.”

Recent Games: Pokémon Crystal.


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