Sunday Loot: Kickass Game Dev Projects On Our Radar


We’re taking a leap outside of the box instead of unboxing this week! What does that mean for all of you friends at home, you ask? In our continued effort to boost safe, inclusive gaming spaces for all, we’re shifting our focus to take a look at the future developers shaping the industry as we know it. Their projects are giving rise to a whole new perspective in games—not just of their own, but in terms of the medium as a whole. Sure, these talented folks may make the whole game development thing look as easy as throwing together pasta puttanesca, but don’t let that fool you! While the games industry won’t change overnight, these projects on the horizon are without a doubt laying the foundation for a brighter, more inclusive future.

In the mood for some far-out video game concepts? What about ones being developed by a whole new generation of young women and girls? How about some real-talk games critique to go with that red wine you’re breaking out while the pasta puttanesca cools? You’ve come to the right place, FemHype friends! This is our fifth post in our revamped Sunday Loot series, and we’re super excited to be able to share all the fun with you at home. Break out your game-making tools and let’s get started.

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out.  ✌



Billed as “a deadly game of hide-and-seek,” @songfeuds‘ BADBLOOD is currently up on Steam Greenlight awaiting your ever-generous thumbs up. If the tag line doesn’t hook you, the absolutely incredible art style should. This is like a punk rock take on a well-loved mechanic, incorporating an almost Hunger Games-esque concept where your beloved childhood game is thrust into a violent, yet colorful arena. You’ll be pitted against another player in a split-screen fight to the death, but not only do you have to survive their particular talents (you can choose between four characters), you’re also expected to weather the ever-changing environment. Good luck to you if you decide to volunteer as tribute for this bloody battle!



Nancy Drew meets Shaun of the Dead in this top-down game currently up on Kickstarter. As the Grand Prize winner at the 2nd annual Girls Make Games Demo Day, “The Team Who Must Not Be Named” will now be able to fully fund and oversee this project, which is an absolutely incredible opportunity for any budding game developers. Interfectorem, the winning game in question, features a diverse cast of characters with Alis at its center, a young sheriff-in-training who embarks on a journey to unearth the mystery surrounding her sister’s brutal murder. If that isn’t totally metal, nothing in this world is. You should consider backing a very well-developed project! It’s always important to foster young talent, especially one as skilled as this one so clearly is.

Invisibility Blues

“Invisibility Blues”

While this particular project has already reached funding, it’s still on our radar! I’m personally very excited to see the finished product from @NYMGamer once it’s released. “Invisibility Blues,” for those who missed the memo from the The Mary Sue, will be a video series critically analyzing racial representation in games. This will hopefully open up much-needed YouTube coverage regarding a variety of inclusivity issues in games—and not simply Anita Sarkeesian’s corner of the market. Keep your eye on their efforts to critique the way marginalized folks are represented! It’s always important to be aware of the absolutely reprehensible dearth of positive diversity, and I’m really eager for what will definitely be an educational video series from our fellow women in games.



Did you know @pyunpyunchan is participating in a monthly campaign to create new alternative games every 30 days? Yeah, I know. She’s putting us all to shame here, but it’s imperative that you fund her efforts to bring more diverse games to the community (if you’re able to afford it!). For the monthly price tag of a Starbucks latte, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive access to a wealth of all new games and interactive fiction projects. You literally can’t get more indie and in-the-know than this! If you’re curious about what games are next to be served up, she even has a development queue listed to keep everything on track. This is a wonderful opportunity to support the developers who are challenging the long-held concept of what video games are!


Retronator Pixel Art Academy

“All experience levels are welcome” in Retronator, an adventure game currently up on Kickstarter that you’ll be able to play right from your browser. From the outset, it becomes clear that you’re in for a real treat with this particular project. It’s sort of like entering into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory for the first time, except all the colorful inventions are pixelated, though no less bright and whimsical. Utilizing both text and point-and-click, you’ll take a journey through your own budding career as an artist while gaining more experience. (This particular Kickstarter was recommended by our very own @OctarineDream, so you know it’s a keeper.)


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