FemHype YouTube Launch: Contest + Giveaway!

Alice Madness Returns
The first Easter Egg!

Hello, FemHype community! We are in the process of launching our YouTube channel and we thought it would be a great time to host a little contest and giveaway.

Starting today (Monday, August 3rd), we will be hiding Easter Eggs on all of our social media accounts for you to find that will include hints about when the channel will be launched and what games we’ll be playing. The first to tweet at us using the hashtag #FemHypeYT with the correct answers to the below questions will win free FemHype merch! 💕

To make it somewhat easier, below is where you will be able to find the hidden Easter Eggs. We will be tweeting every day to direct you toward the right platform to check. The first hint is already hidden in this article!

Please tweet the following to the #FemHypeYT hashtag:

  1. The date of our YouTube launch (month/day)
  2. One Throwback game we will play
  3. One Creative game we will play
  4. One Mystery/Crime game we will play

Questions go to @GLaDOS_hype or femhypebiz@gmail.com, as usual. Happy playing! ✌🎮


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