Sunday Loot: Diverse Gaming Podcasts You Need to Plug Into

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Happy Sunday, friends! It’s time to grab that cup of tea and settle in for another super special #SundayLoot unboxing. Every week, we curate a list of the talented folks working hard to create safer, more positive spaces for gamers (and geeks!) like us. We feel very strongly that it’s important to boost the voices of smaller teams because it introduces you to fun, inclusive communities where you can make new friends and find support from like-minded gamers.

So far, we’ve introduced you to friendly, inclusive Let’s Players, blogs/groups with a gaming focus led by women, and a lineup of super talented geek artists looking for your commissions! This time around, we’re honing in on the podcasts that discuss accessibility, diversity, feminism, and all things having to do with video games. We feel that these are truly exceptional spaces with content that always challenges our way of looking at the gaming industry, and while that aspect can often be negative, these teams are always positive. Tune in and keep updated with these diverse gaming podcasts!

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space you’d love to see promoted on our revamped Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out. ✌

Remember Me

Anomaly Podcast

Anomaly PodcastWhile the team over at Anomaly Podcast don’t exclusively cover video games, they do feature a lovely series where they chat about games. Last week, they reminisced about what they used to play as kids (during the ‘80s) all the way through high school and college (‘90s).  Run by @Angela and @Jen_D_Rhodes with several—mostly women!—contributors, this combination of a blog and podcast offers up a wide array of topics covering geek culture from the perspective of geek women. It’s a truly insightful, often hilarious podcast, and the illustrious hosting duo make it super easy to jump in as a newcomer. They also offer up countless ways you can join in on their conversation and have your voice heard, which is so refreshing! Seriously, if you have a preference as to what social media platform you use, they already have a group established there.

As an added bonus, their next episode dealing with games drops today! It’s the perfect time to jump in and see if this geeky podcast is your cup of tea, particularly with their ever-growing community of welcoming friends.

Bitch Team Alpha

BTAAnother blog/podcast mashup almost entirely driven by women, BTA Podcast, or Bitch Team Alpha, offers more than simply audio goodness. They create articles and videos covering games as well, dipping into topics that further include books, comics, movies, and all things pop culture. BTA even features a series called “Ladies of Industry,” hosted by @seraphki, which features interviews with professional women in everything from game development to the science fields. This is an incredible resource for women and girls looking to break into the industry, or even just curious about its inner-workings, as the series gleams quite a bit of insight from their stories and their experiences.

At the helm of this podcast is @peachyaenne, supported by a positive, welcoming group of women contributors (and one dude!). It’s truly a wonderful thing to be able to support podcasts led by and about women in geek culture, so I’d definitely give them a listen if I were you.

Fresh Out of Tokens

FreshFull disclosure: this podcast is co-hosted by @cypheroftyr, one of the first people I ever connected with on Twitter when I started FemHype back in December. She’s an inspiration in the games space and I deeply admire literally everything she does as she single-handedly takes on the industry, which includes Fresh Out of Tokens. (It’s co-hosted by @RedConversation!) That said, this podcast is absolutely absurdly necessary, and more than that, it’s an education as much as it is an entertaining podcast. Quite simply, Fresh Out of Tokens states that it handles the “issues of diversity, inclusion, intersectionality, and feminism in gaming.” While these talking points are being danced around by big time games corporations and publications, this podcast is cutting right through the noise and bringing you the voices these issues actually affect. You know, like the people of color everyone’s talking about but few are listening to.

On a bi-weekly basis, Fresh Out of Tokens shines a light on the creative talents who are working in the gaming industry. Even if you’re not familiar with the work of Austin Walker, Cat Small, Gita Jackson, Katherine Cross, or Tauriq Moosa, consider this your cheerful wakeup call. Listen to this podcast right now!

Justice Points

JusticeJustice Points is another podcast favorite of mine discovered during the early days of FemHype‘s inception. Hosted by the incredibly insightful @applecidermage and @soetzufit, you’d do well to prepare yourself before diving into this particular space: these women are wicked smart and never tiptoe around the wide variety of issues currently sticking up games culture. Tzufit and Apple Cider are self-proclaimed feminists with their own respective blog spaces, and they have a lot to say about social justice issues and video games. Like Fresh Out of Tokens, you get the sense that you’re essentially taking groundbreaking classes with a revolving door of professional guests without ever having to pay anything for it (hint: consider donating!).

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy? They make for a super funny hosting duo who are equally easy to listen to, especially since they cover everything from the Sims 4, to Wildstar, to the way sex is portrayed in games. It’s literally improbable that you won’t find something you’re interested in when listening to this podcast.

Spawn On Me

SpawnSimilar to the Fresh Out of Tokens mission, co-hosts @kahjahkins and @stubbystan are working hard to feature people of color in the gaming industry, both gamers and game makers alike. They’re hitting the ground running by “looking at how games affect the world and how the world affects games.” Everything from news, interviews, reviews, and general discussions are covered in this podcast, and with such an eclectic sampling of topics, you’ll always come away with a broader perspective than before you plugged in.

What’s perhaps most important to remember here is that podcasts and spaces like Spawn On Me are answering the very real call for greater diversity and representation in games. They’re not just lamenting the disparity that we’re all aware of at this point, they’re working to actually change that. If you care as much as I do about facilitating this change and supporting the people who are creating positive, inclusive communities for those who feel the same, now is the time to listen to and support Spawn On Me. You’ll be very glad you decided to!


UnconsoleableWhat I absolutely love about the Unconsoleable podcast is that the name of their particular game is accessibility. They focus on mobile and computer platforms, doing away with the often anxiety-inducing, exclusionary experience too often promoted by console gaming. It may come as quite the shock, but the ladies of Unconsoleable claim that, “Games can be fun and accessible even if you haven’t been playing them for 20 years.” I know, right? What a simple, yet utterly groundbreaking concept when mainstream games culture and its flagrant gatekeeping are considered.

Hosted by @AnnaTarkov and @jessicadennis, they’re positive, clever, and will definitely make you feel at home when you stop by to give their podcast a listen. They’re always welcoming new voices from the industry on, too, including indie developers, while creating fun little hashtags to keep the discussion going even after you’ve finished listening. This is the space to make new friends!


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