First Impressions of ‘Life Is Strange’ Episode 4: Our Community Responds!

Life Is Strange
OBVIOUS Spoiler Alert: If you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading and go play the game, plz.

I’m still processing Life Is Strange Episode 4. However, we started an open forum here at FemHype for our community to vent and work through their initial reactions to “Dark Room.” Here is a brief roundup of what they had to say!

Rachel in the Dark Room

“i really wish the thing with rachel couldve been a consequence and not a fact, like that somehow, with the right decisions, you couldve saved her. :/”


“anyone else that expected rachel to actually be alive at the junkyard? like, somewhere locked in a small shed or another underground bunker? maybe im naive, but i really didn’t think she was dead until that horrible moment when they started digging.. i expected them to search the area ..”


Chloe’s Alternative Fate

“considering possible ableism, i personally found it a little insensitive how in the alternate life, where chloe is disabled, most of the dialogue focuses on how much chloe is a burden – not explicitly of course, but the dialogue made it seem like that for me…”


“It’s a common time-travel trope to make changing the distant past have unintended repercussions, so I’m not surprised they used it here, but the portrayal as disability as a punishment is absolutely ableist, and mirrors real life ableism.”


Mental Health

“also i ask myself if it was really necessary to have someone like nathan be mentally ill again. i mean with his issues and how he behaves? it was clear that he is. but i mean this official psychologist therapist stuff you can find about nathan. i kind of get it, but on the other side, it feeds into this ‘mentally ill people are all crazy psychos who kill and should be locked up!’ thing we all suffer from..”


Powerless/Assaulted Women

“I’ve really really enjoyed Life Is Strange up to this point. I’ve played each episode as soon as it released and even went back to grab all the photos. But this latest episode? Eh, I’m not so enthusiastic about. Because it went exactly where I didn’t want it to go: in the land of abducted, powerless, assaulted women. And I’m just not sure I’m really liking this new trend. Will have to wait and see, I guess.”


“Seriously, this is some of the most intense story telling I’ve ever seen before in a video game. I do agree that this trend of women being assaulted to add drama value is getting out of hand.”


“other games use abducted, powerless, assaulted women negatively, but i guess if there is some ‘positive’ (wrong word, but i dont know a better one) use for it, i guess it’s in this game. where in other games its used as props, here you get actually behind the story and the characters and see the sickness of this.”


“I think what I like about how LIS is tackling it, is that it’s not using those women to be a vehicle for men’s angst, or revenge. It’s actually the story of those women, Kate and Chloe, especially. In a way, I guess it feels like instead of using them as a plot device or a handy “kickstart your superhero origin story with a murdered woman!” trope, they get to actually have a say in how their story is told.”


Life Is Strange

The Big Reveal (Mr. Jefferson)

“I knew for a long time that Mr Jefferson was THE villain, but I really didn’t want to be him. It just feels odd, like, I don’t understand his motive. Is he really just a sadistic, awful man? How did he and Nathan team up/how does he have connections with the Prescotts? I guess we just have to painfully wait for 2 months…”


“I think Jefferson is kind of in a Most Dangerous Game mentality. He’s photographed everything and had amazing success, so now this.”


“Mark Jefferson though? Pulls us right out of that believable high school and into fantasy land. It stopped being a story about a relatable high school with low-fantasy and mystery elements and became a horror film about violence against women.”


“I guess I saw the Mark Jefferson thing coming from episode one. And after going back and playing, his comment in the first classroom scene: “I could frame anyone of you in a dark corner, and capture you in a moment of desperation” was the dead giveaway.”


Max and Chloe’s Relationship

“Max and Chloe are some of the most unique female characters I’ve ever seen in a video game. It’s not everyday that two female characters are allowed to drive an entire narrative on their own, but the relationship between these two, platonic/romantic, is clearly what’s keeping it going. I’m not sure what a happy ending for Chloe and Max would look like right now but whatever it is I hope the story finds it’s way to it somehow.”


Theories for Episode 5

“I think you still CAN save her though. I have a feeling something is going to happen with the storm that allows you to back and fix EVERYTHING somehow. But probably at the cost of your own life or something because of COURSE it would be.”


“some people say that max will probably use the picture warren took of them at the party to go back in time and save chloe. would make sense.”


“I’m also hoping that just because Life is Strange is similar to the indie classic Donnie Darko we won’t be on the receiving end of a bleak conclusion when Episode 5 comes out. I.E: in order to save the girl the hero has to die. I have a little more faith in Life is Strange because of how well the story has been told so far but, dammit if I don’t feel a little upset after the end of Episode 4.”


Want to jump into the conversation? Head over to our open forum and share your thoughts!


One thought on “First Impressions of ‘Life Is Strange’ Episode 4: Our Community Responds!

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  1. I really enjoy life is strange as a female gamer. I feel yes there are themes such as violence sexual assault against women but in this game its not glorified in the way it has been in some games. Its shown for what it is grotesque. Watching the reactions of males playing the game they are horrified uncomfortable and not ok with the violence that is be Projected on to the female characters. The women in this game are real women with feelings and there own identities and are not just objects of male fantasy.)sure the games not perfect But it is a step in a Direction that I’m happy to see happen in gaming.


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