Sunday Loot: Art Commission Finalists + Women Who Create!

[Art by Alex]
[Art by Alex]
Last week, we featured an opportunity for artists to send in their work for consideration. We received over 80 total submissions from around the world, and every single artist was super talented. Thank you so much to everyone in the community who boosted that post and, of course, to the incredible creative minds who were kind enough to pass along their portfolios to us! It was so amazing to receive such a response, and we’re sincerely grateful to have met all of you in this supportive, tight-knit community that is the FemHype space. You’re all lovely people and a joy to chat with!

Even though we could only choose one person who fit the style and vision we had in mind for our upcoming project, we still wanted to feature some of the finalists who went above and beyond what we initially requested. If you’re ever looking to commission an artist, we highly recommend that you take a look at the following work! We’ve included links to their social media and Patreon accounts as well.

It’s okay if you aren’t able to commission or donate to their respective tip jars, but I’d give their accounts a follow. By showing enthusiastic support to women in geek spaces, more will be encouraged to join in as well! And that’s been our goal here from the very beginning: boosting the voices and the work of women in spaces that are so often difficult to maneuver past the gate. We’ve got a really wonderful community going here, and we encourage you to spread that love to others. ✌ Plus, you’ll get to scroll through some incredible art today. What could make for a better lazy Sunday afternoon?

Alex [above]

[Art by Arielle]
[Art by Arielle]


[Art by Ashe]
[Art by Ashe]


[Art by Catherine]
[Art by Catherine]


[Art by Mildred]
[Art by Mildred]


[Art by Sam]
[Art by Sam]


*Thank you, again, to everyone who applied for this project! It was an honor receiving all of your incredible portfolios. When our rebrand officially goes live, we’ll be revealing the chosen artist in a featured post. 💕 Keep an eye on the blog!


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