The Feels That Every ‘Life Is Strange’ Fan Will Recognize

As you can probably guess, there will be spoilers ahead. If you have not played episodes 1 through 3 of Life Is Strange and don’t want to be spoiled, then start playing and keep this in mind!

Life Is Strange Episode 4 “Dark Room” will be released on Tuesday, July 28th, but Arcadia Bay fans are still having withdrawal symptoms. Some fans have even begun “self-medicating.” Are you experiencing these symptoms?

1. You’ve played Episodes 1-3 so many times you start to notice stuff you didn’t the first dozen times.

2. You’ve been disappointed by the not-about-Episode-4 social media notifications from the Life Is Strange official accounts.

3. You’ve broken out into unwarranted dancing on bed (to the “quirky” alt. Life Is Strange soundtracks).

4. You’ve become a sudden adrenaline junkie (even though you’re uncoordinated af).

5. You’ve had a Life Is Strange-related dream that your hometown would be swallowed up in a Tornado on Friday.

6. You’ve called someone a “hippie” or used the word “twee.”

7. You’ve started to constantly talk about LiS with friends “ALL OVER  THE SOCIAL MEDIAS.”

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8. You’ve started to suspect literally everyone has connections to Rachel Amber’s disappearance.

9. When you’ve gotten a Twitter update and it isn’t about Episode 4.

10. You’ve definitely sorta, kinda tried to reverse time IRL.

11. That moment when you get the tweet and everything seems right in the world.

As you can probably tell, I am pretty excited for the new episode. Are you? What are your theories? Who dun it? Let’s geek out about it @GLaDOS_hype!


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