Sunday Loot REMIX! Boosting Welcoming Women-Led Geek Spaces for All


It’s that time again! We’re bringing you an entirely revamped Sunday Loot series, so brew that cup of coffee you’ve been thinking about and settle in for the read. If you’re new to the changes we’ve been stirring up around here, I’d suggest checking in with our post from last week. In summary! Rather than continue providing a platform for the awful industry goings-on (that everyone knows about), we decided to shift our focus to something we see too little of these days (that less people know about). Boosting more positive gaming spaces for you to visit!

Every weekend, we’re going to serve up a list of gamers and their gaming communities hot off the FemHype press! These are the creators we dearly hope to hear and see more from, whether their domain is mainly based on Twitch, YouTube, WordPress, or beyond. I’m really excited about this series, friends! Browse the links below for content that catches your eye. The goal here is to introduce you to as many new voices as possible in the hope of connecting you with a positive, inclusive community of gamers and geeks.

This week, we’re focusing on a few inspiring ladies on the internet working hard to provide safe spaces for all! 💕🎉 Have a community you want to share with us? Check out our policy after the jump!


Angels Who Game

Angels Who GameA team of women lead the Angels Who Game community, and they’re super active! They host weekly game nights, feature charity events, and generally work to promote a safe, inclusive environment for all gamers—not just ladies. If you’re looking for a space to make new friends in the gaming community, but actually get to play with those new friends, then this is your one stop shop.

More into the lurking side of things, but still want to feel included? I’m the same! You should check out their Twitch and YouTube accounts in particular, as they’re always logging on and uploading videos to interact with their fellow gaming friends. It’s so cool to me that they offer a space in order to include their viewers, not merely based upon responding to comments. I’m loving what they do, and you will too!

Girl Seeks Game

Girl Seeks GameGirl Seeks Game is a blog run and written by a fellow lady gamer, though she doesn’t discuss games exclusively. There’s quite a variety in terms of subject matter to delve into here, and I’m always finding myself drawn back to her blog when I’m in the mood for something both creative and positive. She only just started this particular space in June, which really has me excited for all that’s to come from her! From the charming Fort Meow app game to even how she built her own TARDIS, Girl Seeks Game has something for every geek at heart.

She’s also extremely active and friendly on Twitter. You should jump in on the conversation! I think I spammed her with my fangirling on Telltale’s Game of Thrones, to be honest. (Thank you for that incredibly thought-provoking discussion, btw!)

Girl Tribe Gaming

Girl Tribe GamingWith a frequently updated podcast and lively community, the Girl Tribe Gaming team are always looking to make new gamer friends, regardless of gender identity. Zendra and Jen, the leaders of this particular pack, have spoken at length about maintaining a “hostile-free zone” where “we all have a place” to gather as gamers, which is a mission I think we all agree on. Their podcasts are also free to listen to, which is especially nice in terms of accessibility! You should definitely check in with them if you’re into Xbox gaming with other Xbox enthusiasts.

Also! They’re currently only $110 off from their funding goal, so consider supporting their initiative! It’s always great to give back to small gaming communities, especially the ones fostering such welcoming environments for all players.

Her Story Arc

Her Story ArcRun by Lindsey, Her Story Arc is a blog comprised of a team of 14 women who specialize in a rather wide variety of careers and talents IRL. They mainly cover reviews where video games are concerned, but they have a secret weapon, if you will: the Scale of Inclusivity. In their words, the method of ranking determines “how well a piece of media performs with regard to positive inclusion and representation of women and girls.” Spoilers: It works far better than the usable, if outdated Bechdel test. Borderlands also swept the board for the team in terms of positive representation.

What I really love about Her Story Arc is that they, too, work to boost positive stories happening all over lady geekdom. It’s a tougher job than it sounds! But creating safe spaces is vital to fostering the growth of pop culture at large, not merely the gaming community. I’d give them a read if you’re looking for new spaces that celebrate women and girls in particular!

Lady Geek Girl

Lady Geek GirlFun fact! The wonderful team over at Lady Geek Girl knew about us before we were cool. 😎 Way back when (read: November 2014), they ran a feature on us for their Web Crush Wednesday series, and we’ve been super mega fans of them ever since. While their blog doesn’t always cover video games, their content is consistently insightful and a delight to read over morning coffee. In particular, the team is always boosting new and interesting discussions on their Twitter page, which I highly recommend you keep tabs on. They seem to have an eye for new talent and constantly provide a forum for insightful discussions about all areas of pop culture.

Like our team at FemHype, many incredibly talented writers contribute to Lady Geek Girl as volunteers, serving up creative content to a wider community at no cost. Pop over to remind them just how much you appreciate their hard work, yeah? It’s always nice to hear positive feedback from the friends you’re writing to.

If you know of an inclusive gamer or gaming space you’d love to see promoted on our revamped Sunday Loot series, drop us a comment below or check out our contact list! We’d love to hear from you, especially about new and exciting spaces where all gamers can hang out.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Loot REMIX! Boosting Welcoming Women-Led Geek Spaces for All

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  1. Hey the concept of having a women led geek space is great. I hope more and more communities like that will pop up and this will no longer be an area reserved to man. I personally have more observations on Angels Who Game and I can truly say these are cool people. Best of luck to all!


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