‘Life Is Strange,’ So Play This Drinking Game While You’re Waiting for Episode 4

Life Is Strange

I have a love/hate relationship with Life Is Strange. As an Oregon resident for the past four years, I appreciated the Pacific Northwest vibe in the game, but disliked the stereotypes of Native Americans, mental illness, and even truckers. Still, I can’t help myself from playing and enjoying myself. (Maybe it’s because of the parallels to Twilight.)

The other day I had an epiphany. I could take my conflicting feelings for Arcadia Bay and turn it into a drinking game, because why not? It also keeps replaying episodes 1-3 fresh while I’m waiting for the next one to be released. Not to promote alcoholism, of course, though I do want to make a point. Stay with me here.


  • Shots and/or drinks (whatever you fancy)
  • Water (you’ll see)
  • Snacks
  • Life Is Strange + a platform to play it on


Take a shot/drink when 

  • Anyone uses slang that you have to look up on UrbanDictionary (“hella,” “twee,” etc.)
  • Any time Max is standing up to a man and/or fighting the patriarchy (Nathan, Wells, Madsen, etc.)
  • Whenever Max says something nerdy (“Release the Kra-Can!” + “My Precious”)
  • Every time you visit the Two Whales Diner
  • Rachel Amber is mentioned + shout “FRANK DIDN’T DO IT!”
  • You play music that you don’t recognize
  • You make a decision that you immediately regret, but you don’t want to rewind (or can’t)
  • Max talks about using her powers for something petty (more sleep, being on time for class)
  • You have the option to “Blame Victoria” and you don’t choose it

Life Is Strange

Drink WATER when

  • Warren texts you (for every text he sends)
  • You have the option “Blame Victoria” and you choose it.
  • Samuel is called something derogatory (“crazy” counts)
  • You find negative graffiti about Kate
  • You find a culturally inappropriate t-shirt, comment, or image (Max’s sugar skull tee)

Nosh* on your favorite snack when …

  • You take a picture of a wild animal (dead or alive)
  • You snoop (even if you’re supposed to)
  • Chloe calls David Madsen a colorful nickname (“step-prick”)
  • You get a threatening text from a private number
  • You hear something about the “unusual weather” of Arcadia Bay

*Nosh: to snack on.

Nice to play with friends or alone if you’re into solitaire. Let me know how it goes @GLaDOS_hype!


3 thoughts on “‘Life Is Strange,’ So Play This Drinking Game While You’re Waiting for Episode 4

Add yours

  1. Update:
    We got terribly, hideously drunk. Curiously enough, 99% of the drinks were because Rachel Amber were mentioned. We then hoped she would never be found, in vengeful anger.
    My friend proceeded to slide off his chair onto the floor several times, and I spilled brandy and beer all over the floor and bed, and had to get up halfway to change the bedsheets. Halfway through the stream we just converged into hysterical laughter, and German puns.
    It was glorious.


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