Sunday Loot REMIX! Combating Toxic Games Culture By Boosting Positive Voices

Legend of Korra

What? FemHype isn’t doing Twitter roundups anymore?? I know, I know. We’re going through some growing pains as a community right now, but I promise it’s all for the better! A little real talk to go with your Sunday afternoon coffee: I started this blog seven months ago in the hope that it would become a safe haven for women gamers and our supporters. That we could come here and be ourselves, free from toxic, exclusionary games culture rife in so many a comment section. I want to brew some tea and hang out with all of you! But I’ve learned that creating safe spaces is easy, but maintaining it is the tricky part. It’s been a rough few months for everyone in the gaming sphere, and sometimes it can feel like the internet—particularly social media—will never change for the better.

That’s where this new Sunday Loot series comes in. After much discussion with FemHype‘s new Social Media Manager (and plenty of Minecraft meditation, right Paige?) we decided it was about time we started a weekly effort to boost smaller voices in our community, much like our earlier #SupportSmallStreams initiative. We’ve personally curated a list of gamers on Twitch, YouTube, WordPress, and beyond who are consistently making an effort to create friendly, positive spaces in an otherwise toxic environment. It’s a tough job facing the gaming industry with a smile, but these creators are doing it and doing it well.

So, follow them! Boost them! And share with us your favorite content creator deserving of a little boost, too. Who knows? If you’re on board with our sincere hope to create a more positive space in this new series, we just might spotlight your gaming space next Sunday!

Legend of Korra


AAADDIEAdelaide, or “aaaddie,” is primarily a Twitch streamer who uploads her videos to YouTube for snappy little recaps. She is eternally peppy, encourages friendly discussion among her viewers, and maintains a zero tolerance policy on negativity in the chat. Not only that, but she’s ridiculously talented. Adelaide’s creativity and innovation seems to know no bounds as she tackles build after build in The Sims 4, always coming up with new styles depending on her project goals for the day. (I’m convinced she’s secretly a famous architect in real life.) It also helps that her enthusiasm is super infectious!

I’ve found myself lurking for almost all of her streams, leaving the Twitch window up while I work on other things. Seriously, her playlist? Is rocking if you’re down for a little relaxing pop with a dash of indie rock. Kick back and enjoy her builds on The Sims!


Gaming FeminismElektra runs the “GamingFeminism” blog and subsequent social media sites, which are, in summation, a lovely array of feminist critique that is always readily accessible—no matter what your background in games studies may be. The thing that defines my eternal admiration of Elektra’s blog is that she seems so fearless when opening up about her own personal experiences in terms of her critique. She digs deep with her commentary, willing to challenge herself to reflect on all the things that might be informing her opinion while at the same time, challenging the games industry to do the same. You can rest assured that she’s always willing to have a conversation if you come to her table calmly and open to a friendly discussion.

I’m a very big fan of the work happening at “GamingFeminism,” and I sincerely hope you give her space a look! You just might come away with more insight than you bargained for, which is really what many of us are working to achieve.


GamingLooksGoodShareef of “GamingLooksGood” is truly a joy to listen to, as he always seems to make a concerted effort to welcome gamers from all walks of life. He consistently creates content with such a wealth of knowledge and insight into the critical analysis of games that I find I’m learning something every time I tune in to his YouTube channel. With a smooth voice worthy of any radio show for his supreme clarity, Shareef offers his community snippets of the games he plays with little nuggets of information, allowing everyone the benefit to determine for themselves whether they agree or disagree. If you’re into a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere where you can discuss games, “GamingLooksGood” should definitely be your next stop on YouTube.

He’s also affiliated with the Spawn On Me Podcast, which you should absolutely check out if you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to!


G33KGRRLYPart of the #TeamHooman collective, I’m a longtime lurker of Anna’s streams and the community that she fosters, otherwise lovingly known as the #G33kFl33t. Many readily apparent qualities set her apart from the exclusionary all-bro landscape Twitch can often feel like—including but not limited to her ‘Swishy Swishy’ dance and the ‘Coffee Time’ segment—but it’s her clever commentary that really inspires me to check in every time she goes live. (You need a YouTube channel, Anna!) I’m still trying to figure out how she manages to politely unravel complex concepts in games analysis while maintaining a reasonable, even friendly atmosphere in her chat during what would otherwise likely dissolve into a heated argument. She remembers all of her regulars by name and makes an effort to create an environment that is both encouraging and fun. I don’t know how she does it, but hell if I’ll stop watching!

Anna also donates a ton of money to charity, so you know you’re subscribing to someone who truly wishes to give back to her very giving community. I’d also recommend her Twitch streams to anyone into throwback music—and no, I’m not talking about *NSYNC, kids.

Rainbow’s Let’s Plays

RAINBOW'S LET'S PLAYSA duo of Let’s Play ladies as talented as they are hilarious together, Rainbow and Megzie make such a wonderful team! If rifling through the FemHype pending comments section is ever super distressing (spoilers: it can get bad), their YouTube channel hands down never fails to cheer me up. They cover a surprisingly wide array of games, too, which means there’s always something ready for me to suit the mood I’m in. Do I want to watch Rainbow and Megzie experience the charming silliness that is the Sakura Spirit dating sim? Or am I ready to delve into Outlast and all the delightful creepiness therein?

What’s the really wonderful part about “Rainbow’s Let’s Plays,” you ask? The fact that, regardless of what these women have decided to play, it’s the way in which they color that experience that makes the channel such a delight to return to. They might lightly heckle each other at some points, but it’s always with a fondness that truly sums up why I love doing what I do. Rainbow and Megzie are two immensely talented women who support each other, and that, quite honestly, is just as beautiful as the games that they play.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Loot REMIX! Combating Toxic Games Culture By Boosting Positive Voices

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  1. So fun fact. Megzie texted this to me while I was at work, and after I was done reading it, I was crying. My boss ran over to me and was like “OH GOSH! SWEETIE ARE YOU OK!?” I seriously don’t have any words that could actually explain how honored I am. I started my channel with the hopes that someone would watch our videos when they needed a smile after a hard day, or not feel so alone at night, or feel like they were just hanging out playing video games with friends when they were feeling lonely. It brings me to tears that I accomplished that, that we make someone smile. Jillian, FemHype. This community has been amazing and I am so happy to be a part of it. Thank you again for the wonderful words. They meant more then I could ever hope to say. <3333

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so happy that you even considered me as part of this list!!! =D I think all of us, consumers, journalists, sociologists, developers, anyone, that are pointing out how maybe the gaming industry can improve even more, we’re all building something new together.

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately, whether if it’s actually something positive or not that I always put something of mine, something personal, while I speak of specific contents.
    I’m still not sure of what to do, if it’s helpful to anyone in any way, or maybe not, maybe I should refrain from going personal in my posts =/ It does help me connect better, though, maybe that makes it different from trying to stand in a position of judgement, as if the contents were foreign and “over there”. It brings me closer.

    Aaaahh… still haven’t made up my mind about that.

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!


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