#SupportSmallStreams! It’s Time to Boost Let’s Players With Inclusive Communities


A few days ago, we received an interesting anonymous ask through our Tumblr account that ultimately gave us pause.


It’s no secret that the Let’s Play community at large has a toxic culture problem, both on Twitch and YouTube. Many popular channels are rife with casual racism, homophobia, misogyny, and harmful language of similar ilk simply by nature of being related in some way to the games industry—and that just isn’t cool. It was obvious to us that the eager response to our Tumblr message meant the industry is sorely lacking in inclusive, friendly environments where every gamer can feel safe. Well, shit! Obviously, that means we have some work to do. In an effort to boost the small streaming communities working hard to offer a safe space for all gamers, we asked our creative friends in the FemHype community to share their own channels, whether big or small. That’s what this post will serve as: your list of safe gaming spaces to support on Twitch and YouTube.

This is a fairly large post, so I’d suggest some liberal use of command+F in order to find a particular game that might interest you. I’ve broken the list down into three sections: gamers who offer spaces on Twitch, YouTube, and both. Pick your preferred platform and make some new friends! All of these gamers are working hard for visibility and to make their communities inclusive. Let’s give them a hand, okay?

Please note that if you provided a link to your stream/channel, but haven’t uploaded anything yet, we unfortunately couldn’t add you to the list without anything to go on. However! When you decide to add some clips, drop us a new message and we’ll add you to our next list. 💕 This will hopefully be an ongoing series, so be sure to check back for more new friends joining our efforts!

[Edit] Don’t forget! If you’re a POC streamer on Twitch or UStream, consider filling out the #DiversifyStreaming2K15 form so that the incredible teams at both #INeedDiverseGames and Spawn on Me Podcast can promote you. 🌟



apple314 (Twitch)

“I’m a lady streamer on Twitch! Taking a long break atm because of computer issues, but hope to be up and running again once I can afford a new laptop!”

  • Recent Games: Pokémon Crystal, Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Animaggus (Twitch)

“I stream mostly horror games and do my best to promote a safe and friendly atmosphere.”

  • Recent Games: Parasite Eve 2, Jamestown.

LoliZombie (Twitch)

“Writer, reader, horror devotee, graphic novel lover, full time gamer.”

  • Recent Games: Fallout 3, The Yawhg.

moto_grrl (Twitch)

“I am passionate about Xbox gaming and the great community at GirlTribeGaming.com. I stream because I love getting to share the games I love while meeting awesome people on Twitch.”

  • Recent Games: The Elder Scrolls OnlineSteamWorld Dig.

MeowTeChing (Twitch)

“I’m a female gamer that streams retro games, building games, strategy games, and, well, honestly pretty much all types of games.”

  • Recent Games: Rust, ARK: Survival Evolved.

Rockmeannadeus (Twitch)

“I’m a queer agendered streamer with a small chat that is very inclusive!”

  • Recent Games: Spelunky, Nuclear Throne.

ToriNado (Twitch)

“I just started streaming on Twitch! I’d love to see more people join in on the awesome games I play!”

  • Recent Games: Mass Effect, Never Alone.



ausj3w3l (YouTube)

“Assorted pieces of gaming.”

  • Recent Games: REPRISALConcrete Jungle.

boyvandals (YouTube)

“I’m dfab non-binary and pansexual + gray-aro!”

  • Recent Games: Slender.

GingerRatchet (YouTube)

“Now a gaming channel, keeping the old videos up just because I can.”

  • Recent Games: (P)lanets, Game of Thrones.

HardToAnimate (YouTube)

“Three cuties here to wreck the gaming world and make a difference.”

  • Recent Games: Spooky’s House of Jump ScaresThe Old Tree.

IRLAlex (YouTube)

“I am Alex and a survival Let’s Player.”

  • Recent Games: Subnautica, Scrap Mechanic.

magicklorelai (YouTube)

“A YouTube Let’s Player; I play the videogames that I love and share them with you in the hope you’ll love them too.”

  • Recent Games: Mass Effect 3, Herald.

MournfulWalrus (YouTube)

“We are a small group of people who game that includes a POC lady gamer who is of the LGBTQIA+ and a queer who is far less interesting (me) and a few boring straightys. Always on the lookout for ways to bring more light to the underdogs.”

  • Recent Games: Through The Woods, Guns of Icarus.

Persephone’s Underworld (YouTube)

“This channel is a labor of love. I want to entertain you but I also want you to feel welcome and safe here.”

  • Recent Games: Mass Effect 3, The Witcher.

Pocket Maxster (YouTube)

“There’ll probably be some games, stories, me reacting to things, and some snacks. If you’re into that sorta thing hang around for a bit and we’ll chill.”

  • Recent Games: Life Is StrangeinFAMOUS Second Son.

RyumaruMG (YouTube)

“I’m actually LGTBQIA+ myself (aromantic) on top of doing what I can to make my channel a generally safe space.”

  • Recent Games: Crash Bandicoot, Five Nights at Freddy’s.

serisims (YouTube)

“Hawaiian queer feminist biology loving teacher and YouTuber!”

  • Recent Games: Jurassic Park Builder, Fish Pond Park.



Chikari2010 (YouTube & Twitch)

“I’m a game and craft loving girl who really enjoys meeting new people and hanging out with friends.”

  • Recent Games: Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, Minecraft.

DrunkGirlsPlay (YouTube & Twitch)

“A channel about some women who have lost control of their lives.”

  • Recent Games: Shadow of Mordor, Outlast.

rainbowpunk10 (YouTube & Twitch)

“A queer lady that has loved video games since I was able to get my hands on them. I dragged my lovely lady, Megzie, into this channel and we’re going to play all the games we can get our hands on.”

  • Recent Games: Call of Cthulhu, BioShock.

The Angels (YouTube & Twitch)

“We’re a female-driven group home to both POC and LGBTQIA+ and always looking for more diverse talent.”

  • Recent Games: MinecraftRayman Legends.

TransGamerThoughts (YouTube & Twitch)

“If you like examining games, getting nostalgic, or examining the emotions of gaming, then this is the place for you!”

  • Recent Games: Metal Gear Solid 2, Grim 2.

Venya Aven (YouTube & Twitch)

“I am a video editor as well as a game player. I spend most of my time doing art or playing a game of some kind. I love to just learn something and make new friends.”

  • Recent Games: STARWHAL, Kingdom Hearts.

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