Sunday Loot: Top Tweets From This Week

Happy Sunday, friends! This was one hell of a week. Emm served up a double shot of zero fucks given with her comic about why she left online gaming, then defended everyone’s right to game (with additional commentary from our community!). Heather O finished up her review series with an in-depth look at BioShock Infinite. Our writers shared their top most emotional in-game moments, and we all emptied our Kleenex boxes. DocMartens joins us after a hiatus to share her story about gaming after her father passed away and how that shaped her healing process. Finally, Michelle B covered the much-anticipated Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and analyzed the women in Castlevania games.

Don’t forget! We’re always looking to welcome new voices to our little community. Now that you’ve brewed your coffee and settled in, give our roundup of Twitter gaming cuties a read. ✌







[Editor’s Note: If at any time you don’t feel comfortable with your tweets being used in our Sunday Loot series, let us know by emailing and we’ll make sure you’re added to our removal list. ♥]

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