Sunday Loot: Top Tweets From This Week

Happy Mother’s Day, friends! 💐 To celebrate, Ashe tackled the trope mothers are so often relegated to in video games, while I took a stab at deconstructing the concept of witches as mothers in Dragon Age. Earlier this week, Kayla lamented being late to games within gatekeeping culture, and appropriately, several writers chimed in with a wide variety of games they play in order to relax. Murphy also gave us a much-needed lesson in convention etiquette for both seasoned geeks and new friends looking to make the journey. To bring on the heavy mid-week, I talked about my experiences as a gamer recovering from an eating disorder. Finally, with FemHype‘s fifth month now upon us, I thought it was about time we featured some of our earliest work here on the blog.

Today, we’re not only bringing you the latest tweets from folks fighting to level the playing field in games, but also a few safe coding resources for those of you looking to create a game for yourself! ✌ Let’s get to it then, shall we?








[Editor’s Note: If at any time you don’t feel comfortable with your tweets being used in our Sunday Loot series, let us know by emailing and we’ll make sure you’re added to our removal list. ♥]

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