Giveaway! Enter to Win 2 Totally Free Video Game Bundles

Dragon Age: Origins

We have a special surprise giveaway to unveil today! Thanks to the generosity of Venya Aven (Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube), we’ve bundled two collections of free Steam keys you can win just by entering our little contest. For a chance to win, read the following guidelines after the page jump and follow the instructions. That’s it! With just a few clicks, you could be the proud owner of a few new games added to your repertoire, and more than likely, a lot of hours spent this summer vacation playing them.

Don’t forget to pop over and thank Venya for this incredibly kind donation. There wouldn’t be any giveaway without her! 👏

Bundle #1

  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Dead Space 2
  • Primal Carnage
  • Bejeweled 3
  • Gas Guzzlers Extreme
  • GRID

Bundle #2

  • Mass Effect 2
  • To The Moon
  • Torchlight II
  • Surgeon Simulator 2013
  • Joe Danger 2: The Movie
  • Pool Nation
  • Reus

Mass Effect 2

Guidelines & Details

  1. To enter, reblog this Tumblr post. Liking will not count.
  2. You can share as many times as you like, but if we see spamming, you will be disqualified.
  3. There will be 2 winners. Each will be selected using a random number generator to determine which bundle goes to which blog. Once chosen, I’ll send you an ask from my personal account to exchange emails.
  4. You don’t have to be following the Tumblr account, but it helps our little community grow! The more readers we have, the more we can host fun giveaways like this one.
  5. If you would prefer to pass your loot on to someone else, let us know when you’re contacted. No need to specify that when sharing.
  6. Each individual game is available as a Steam key. You will need to provide your email address to us in order to receive either bundle.
  7. Deadline: Thursday, May 7th. Any entries after that point will be disqualified.

That’s it! If you have any questions, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you. 👑 Good luck!


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